How do you mentally boost yourself to exercise?

mentally boost to exercise

We all know that sports are healthy and good for you. But sometimes… you just really don’t feel like it. Especially during this corona time, it is extra annoying that we cannot go to the gym. So now you have to get yourself to go outside during the colder months to walk, run, cycle… This can be quite a tricky mental game. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to mentally boost yourself to exercise.

Boost your energy with the right music

If you are lounging on the couch watching Netflix, you probably don’t feel like going outside at all. Fortunately, there are things that can trigger you. A good trigger is a music; for example, many people are triggered by music with many beats per hour. Think of “Harder Better Faster” by Daft Punk: a song with many beats and a motivating text. Everyone is different, of course, so we recommend that you create a playlist with music that gives you energy and turn it on immediately when you think about exercising.

Put on your sports outfit right away

Another recommendation: immediately put on your sports outfit if you consider that you have to exercise. If you have difficulty with motivation, it is recommended to immediately put on your sports outfit with a little motivation. Once you have these on, you will probably feel guilty if you hang around on the couch. So quickly get your sports shoes, compression stockings, support socks, and shirt out of the closet and start exercising!

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Realize that motivation isn’t everything

Motivation is something you can’t really rely on. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. So if you only exercise when you are motivated, you may not exercise much. That is why it can be nice to have a goal in mind and keep a big stick behind the door. That’s why “start to run” apps are so popular: you get notifications and are triggered over and over to improve your current time/distance. What can also help is exercising with a friend or family member? If you don’t feel like it, your sports buddy can “drag” you out of your home to get some exercise.

Enjoy a hot shower, a bath, or a sauna session

We all know that warmth is great for sore muscles. But what is also wonderful is to immediately dive into your warm bed after an evening of après-ski … Yet this is not recommended, for your muscles, it is nice that they are released by heat, such as in a hot shower or an infrared sauna session. Believe us: you will feel the difference! A nice evening walk can also help to completely loosen up your muscles.

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