7 Ways To Feel More Confident About Your Body

feel more confident

Are you someone who curses your body each time you stand in front of the mirror? Do you hate getting dressed up because you think you do not have the right body to carry the look?

Then my dear friend, you need to feel more confident about your body.

There are many people in Southampton who have spent their childhood with low self esteem and lack of confidence in themselves just because of their opinion about their body. They thought they didn’t look as good as the rest of their classmates or friends.

Did you know that body confidence is linked with overall happiness and well being?

Yet, most of us spend our lives in distress trying to conform to the beauty standards. You know what we can do instead? We can simply change the way we treat ourselves and our body, and step on the path to happiness.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can boost body confidence in yourself.

1. Practise positive self talk

Every time you get the urge to curse your body, refrain from doing so. Practise positive self talk. Change the tone that you use for yourself. Accept yourself the way you are. 

Encourage yourself. Remind yourself that you are lucky for all that you have.

2. Do not be hard on yourself

Do not beat yourself up for having the kind of body that you think is not beautiful or slim. Practice self care. Look after your body. Give yourself time to experience changes.

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3. Show your body some gratitude

Each time you stand in front of the mirror, praise yourself for your body. Instead of looking at body parts you don’t like, be thankful that you have a healthy body and all organs work just fine.

Remind yourself of what those healthy parts are capable of doing. Not everyone gets to do all that you are doing with that body of yours.

4. Exercise

Work out. Identify a form of exercise that you enjoy doing. Something that motivates you to get out of the bed every day. It may be yoga, gymming, running, swimming or even biking.

I have met many people who were very dissatisfied with their bodies. These people resolved to make themselves fit by pursuing a particular form of exercise passionately. Some got so inspired that they even took a personal trainer course in Southampton and pursued it as a career.

This is the kind of inspiration all of us should look for!

5. Practice spirituality

Meditate. Practice mindfulness.

Get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings. Remind yourself that there is a greater purpose to life than simply having a slim body.

6. Surround yourself with positive people

The kind of people you surround yourself with play an important role in how you feel about yourself. Therefore, it is important that you distance yourself from people who criticise you, make fun of you or try to pull you down.

Identify people who encourage you, motivate you and make you a better person. And then, make efforts to keep them close.

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7. Stop getting bothered with what others think or say

Do you really think what others think or speak about you matters? It’s ultimately what you think about yourself that matters right?

So, there is absolutely no need to bother yourself with that. When you are confident about yourself, you exhibit confidence and people have only good things to talk about you.

Sometimes, bringing change in your lives is as simple as shifting your mindset. Change how you feel about your body and you will notice that you are more happy. Cheers to our beautiful body!

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