4 Workouts Top Trainers Recommend to Burn Belly Fat


Your doctor has suggested that you lose a little weight. You decided to take their advice so you can stay heart healthy. You’d also like to be able to fit in all your old clothes again. This drive to burn belly fat has led you to try countless diets and workouts, but nothing has worked. Chances are, you haven’t been doing the right exercises. There are certain ones that are better for getting rid of a muffin top than others.

For example, many people have been singing CrossFit’s praises, but it’s a bit too intense for newbies to be effective. Check out this guide for a list of exercises that come recommended by fitness professionals.

1. Burpees

You can use the best ab toning belts to exercise your core, but burpees work just as well. This explosive workout can help you tone your triceps and chest as well as your core. It also gets your heart going and your blood circulating.

To do burpees, stand with your feet apart. Bend down until your body is in the squat position. Lower your hands so they’re resting on the right side of your feet.

Send your feet back so you’re chest to the floor and position your body so you’re doing a plank. Jump back to your feet and then send yourself into the air with your hands above your head.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers is another great exercise to do if you want to work your core. Along with countless other muscles in your body. Put yourself into the plank position.

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Move your hands so that they’re under your shoulders and make sure to keep your core nice and tight. Bring your right knee up to your chest. Hold it for a few seconds and switch over to your left knee.

3. Sprawls

Sprawls use a lot of the same movements that burpees do, but it’s a little more complicated. It also works a few extra muscles and helps shave calories off.

Stand with your legs apart and swat down so your hands are touching the ground. Shoot your feet out and put yourself in the plank position.

Lower yourself so your entire body is touching the ground. Hop your feet forward until you’re in the squatting position again. Stand back up and you’re all done.

4. Side-to-Side Medicine Ball

Take a break from throwing yourself to the floor with this side-to-side medicine ball exercise. Even though your shoulders are the main thing that moves, it will help you burn off belly fat and get healthy too.

Stand with your legs apart while holding the medicine ball off to one side of you. Rotate your body and slam the ball down to the ground.

Squat down and pick it up. That’s all there is to it.

Workouts That Will Burn Your Belly Fat Off

If you’re trying to burn off a little body fat, you’ve got to try out one of the workouts on this list. They’re low effort, easy for beginners, and they work pretty much every muscle in your body.

So, what are you waiting for? Create the ideal exercise regimen today and stay fit. If these workouts don’t do it for you, we’ve got more where they came from. Check out our blog daily for all the latest fitness tips and tricks.

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