Stretches for Lower Back- the Best Ones Are Here

lower back stretches for men

Lower back pain is excruciating. What’s more fascinating is that it is not related to aging. Anyone can suffer from this deadly condition. While there is no proper medical condition to get rid of back pain, the stretches for lower back can play an essential role in easing the symptoms. The lower back is a common condition that can be a symptom of any underlying disease like fibromyalgia or kidney stones.


‘My back pain is killing me.’- This is something we all have heard or said. If you haven’t had back pain yet, congratulations, you’re lucky. But, if you have had one, we understand the pain too. 


According to a study by the University of North Carolina, around 80% of people worldwide have experienced back pain once in their life. The degenerative condition of the spine can have a considerable impact. 


Irrespective of the cause of back pain, the different lower back stretches yoga can ease the pain.


Stretches for Lower Back

Adapting to these stretches can be difficult initially, but with time, you can eventually become adapted.


Some of the stretches for lower back that you can try to include the following


Child’s yoga

This lower back stretches yoga, which helps strengthen the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and spinal extensors. It helps to release the tension across your neck, shoulders, and spine.


The child’s pose has a calming effect on your body as it relaxes the lower back muscles and boosts flexibility and blood circulation around the spine. 


Child’s yoga is an effortless pose. You need to follow these steps to ensure you can get it done correctly. 


  1. Put your knees and hands on the ground. Sink back via your hips and rest them on the heels.
  2. Fold forward and simultaneously hinge around your hips, thereby allowing your hands to move in through. 
  3. Rest your belly on the thighs.
  4. Extend the arms alongside with the palms facing upwards. 
  5. Take deep breaths and release your tension.
  6. Stay in the position for a minute before releasing. 
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The lower back stretches for men are incredibly feasible, with the child’s pose being one of the best ones to increase your flexibility. It would help if you practiced this stretching exercise frequently.


Trunk Rotation

This is one of the best lower back stretches that can help to ease the tension. Apart from working on your lower back, it also helps to reduce the pressure around core muscles. Moreover, this ensures excellent strength to your back muscles, abdominals, and pelvic muscles. 


The knees should be held up together across the chest with knees rolling on your sides. Stay in the position for some time and hold up. 


You can follow trunk rotation by following the steps mentioned below.


● Lie straight on your bank and fold your knees. Bring those close to your chest as if you are sitting on a chair. 

● Extend the arms towards your side, with the palms facing the floor. 

● Keep the hands on the floor, knees on your chest, and roll the knees towards the right. Stay in the position for 15-20 seconds. 

● Return to the central position and roll to the left. 

● Repeat the process 5-10 times on either side. 


Pelvic tilt: Effortless Stretches for Lower Back

If you practice pelvic tilt daily, it can play an essential role in easing back pain. The pelvic tilt is one of the best lower back exercises that can strengthen back muscles and increase flexibility. 


Visually challenging, pelvic tilt is an easy exercise that you can master if you practice daily. 


To perform pelvic tilt, follow the steps mentioned below.


  1. Lie straight on the back with knees bent, flat feet, and arms on each side. Make a natural curvature to lift your lower back slightly off from the floor. 
  2. Arch the back and move upwards while you push the stomach outside. This helps to strengthen the core. 
  3. Stay firm in the position for 5-10 seconds. Hold and relax. 
  4. Push your pelvis a bit upward, but it shouldn’t leave the floor and tighten the abdominal and buttock muscles. It would help if you allowed the lower back to touch the base. 
  5. Stay in the position for 5-10 seconds. Relax. 
  6. Conduct 10-15 repetitions and then switch to 25-30. 
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stretches for lower backPrayer Stretch

This is one of the most common lower back stretches for men to strengthen the lower back muscles. As it is an easy pose, you can practice it daily and hold up. You should, however, ensure to avoid stretching out too much. Furthermore, this will protect you against any external hurt.


  1. To practice prayer stretches, follow these steps.
  2. Tuck your legs underneath and sit on your heels. 
  3. Bend towards the front with your waist moving forward. 
  4. Extend the arms out straight and head on the floor. 
  5. Stay in the position for 30-60 seconds. Come back up in your normal position. 
  6. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times per session to get effective results.

stretches for lower back- Piriformis Stretch

This stretch is aimed directly at your piriformis muscle, which is found deep in your buttocks. Stretching this muscle can help relieve pain and tightness around your lower back and buttocks. 


To do the piriformis stretch, make sure to follow these steps. 


  1. Lie straight on the back, bend both your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. 
  2. Place the right ankle on the base of the left thigh. 
  3. Place the hands behind the left thigh and pull it towards your stretch until the intensity of feeling a stretch. 
  4. Stay in the position for 1 to 3 minutes. 
  5. Repeat for the opposite side. 


The exercise is easy and can cure your pain in no time. However, if you are prone to extreme pain, you can easily make the stretch comfortable. You should keep the bottom foot on the floor and take the support of a head cushion. 



The stretches for lower back can prove to be extremely useful if they are done the right way. Apart from practicing these stretches, you can go around for a job or walk daily. Just make sure to get out of the bed and keep moving even when it pains. It helps to improve flexibility. Basic stretching can have an essential role in building core strength.

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