Everything you need to know about fertility test for men

Fertility test for men

If you and your partner cannot conceive, there are several options to become parents, from IVF to adoption. However, you ought to know whether the problem is treatable or not. Medical science is evolving rapidly, and many fertility problems are now as simple as flu. The first step is taking a fertility test for men.

Evaluation for fertility test for men

The first step towards taking a fertility test for men is visiting a urologist. The doctor would present the number of factors that might be affecting the impregnation success. It could be as simple as a stressful year due to your career changes or hormonal medicines you are currently taking. Thus, the first step is filling out a lengthy questionnaire, including medications consumed, surgeries in the past, any major life-threatening medical conditions, exercise habits, smoking preferences, alcohol, choice of recreational drugs (if any), and other sex-life related problems.

Semen and sperm study for fertility test for men

Once the doctor received the general information about you, he would recommend a basic semen and sperm study. Several men health supplements in the market guarantee better sperm count and virility. Experts recommend avoiding any such over-the-counter medications. Beyond the efficiency of the medicines, the side effects induced by such drugs are severe. So, before taking a fertility test for men, avoid any such medication.

Fertility test for men

The sperm undergoes necessary testing for shape and count. Normal shape sperm with an adequate count is the essential requirement, but not the ultimate fertility indicator. In 15% of cases, infertile subjects have normal count and shape. If the count is low or the shape is different, there could be a blockage or other medical problems, which might need simple surgery. If the shape is standard, but the count is low, some subjects might receive hormonal injections at regular intervals.

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Hormone and physical fertility test for men

Before administering hormones, doctors would take a hormone test for testosterone and other hormones. Although hormone problems are one of the least probable reasons for infertility in men, hormone fertility test for men is a part of the regime. In the case of a physical test, the doctor examines the veins above testicles for any abnormality. If so, surgery for varicoceles is essential.

Genetic fertility test for men

Genes also play a part in virility and sperm count. If infertility runs in your family, it is best to get a genetic test. There are different types of such tests, and it is best to talk to an expert regarding further steps.

The antibody factor

In some cases, there is adequate sperm generation, but when the sperm reaches the egg, the count drops drastically. This condition is due to anti-sperm antibodies, which kills the sperm even before reaching the egg. Non-invasive treatments are available to solve this problem.

Other reasons for low sperm count in fertile men

There are many other reasons why the sperm count is abnormally low, even in healthy and fertile men. The first main reason could be retrograde ejaculation, in which the sperm gets ejaculated backward into the bladder. This condition could arise due to any previous surgery.

Some men might not have the main sperm pipeline, which is a genetic problem or congenital disability. In some cases, the blockage in the penis or testicles could cause this problem.

How about home sperm test?

There is a social stigma associated with fertility test for men. Thus, people prefer a home sperm test to get the count. Unfortunately, the sperm count is one of the many significant factors indicating fertility. An individual with a high sperm count could also be infertile due to other problems. If you have a serious concern about your fertility, it is time to check a fertility doctor or urologist for sperm analysis instead of trying these kits.

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Zero sperm situation

In some cases, the semen might contain zero live sperm. Although this condition is quite rare, it is possible if you had a spinal cord injury, surgeries in the spinal cord, testicles, or other urogenital organs. Some abnormalities at birth can also cause such a situation. In extreme cases, individuals with multiple sclerosis and diabetes could have zero sperm count.

There are several drugs to treat these conditions unless it is due to injury or abnormality. If not, rectal probe electroejaculation can provide better results, especially in men with spinal cord injury or other abnormalities. Penile vibratory stimulation is a non-invasive method common in men who fear surgery, but the effectiveness is a major question.

Pituitary gland malfunctioning

When the pituitary gland secretes a high volume of prolactin, a hormone, it could lead to erectile dysfunction or infertility. There are several drugs available to reduce the hormone level. However, if the gland shows growth, it is best to talk to a neurosurgeon regarding corrective surgery.

In some cases, the low functioning of the gland can lead to infertility. This condition could be a congenital disability or a chronic one due to the lower secretion of GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone). The hormonal problem could be due to the use of anabolic steroids, pituitary tumors, or head trauma.

When to use vitamin E?

Some prefer consuming vitamin E capsules or food rich in vitamin E for increasing fertility. Yes, vitamin E can improve fertility, but only in some instances. ROS (reactive oxygen species) are molecules in WBC. They induce the sperm for fertilization, but a very high level of ROS can lead to infertility. Vitamin E is the best medicine for this condition. In most cases, the doctor recommends a combination of Vitamin E, coenzymeQ, Pentoxifylline, and Vitamin C.

Fertility test for men

Before you move on to fertility tests and other treatments, try to reduce stress. In today’s world, the pressure is a significant factor affecting everyone. Stress could reduce fertility and could lead to other problems. There are several methods to reduce stress, like taking a vacation, meditation, exercise, etc. If you still have concerns, it is time to take the fertility test for men.

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