Types of vodka- What are the best brands in the market?

Vodka is one of the best drinks that people love to have. Moreover, Girls are fond of vodka because of the flavors, and it is one of the posh drinks that gets served during parties. Besides, Vodka is popular for the below reasons, and it would not be an exaggeration if we call it a lady’s drink, and there are different types of vodka that you can try.

  • Taking vodka in the right proportion can relieve you from insomnia.
  • It is also used as medicinal purposes, especially in the manufacturing of medicinal tinctures.
  • One can also lose weight when vodka is administered in the right dosages.
  • It has disinfectant qualities and works as an antitoxin.
  • If you have a fever, drinking vodka can reduce it.
  • Vodka can increase the lifespan of people.
  • For those that are suffering from Blood pressure, vodka can help regulate the levels of blood pressure.

So, with all these benefits, there is a huge demand for Vodka manufacturers in the market. Moreover, some of them are known for their premium quality Vodka. In this article, we are going to take you through a list of the top Vodka manufacturers. Plus, after knowing the details of all these manufacturers, you would be able to choose the appropriate brand. So, if you are planning to get a bottle of vodka when you are throwing a party the next time at your home, this will help. So, let us quickly get to know the various types of vodka.

Famous types of vodka:

Smirn Off

Smirn Off is one of the most reputed brands in the world of liquor. Moreover, their brand of vodka is one of the best quality ones, and everyone will drool over this. Besides, Smirn Off has been manufacturing vodka for a very long time. Also, it is the brainchild of Pytor Smirnov, a Russian serf. Considered to be one of the premium quality Vodkas, they have more than 40 flavors, and more than 130 countries have embraced this brand massively.

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Known for its deliciousness, this Ukrainian brand tops third in the list of best-selling Vodkas. Khortytsya is an island from where this vodka comes from. The name is also derived from the same islands. This grain-based vodka is pulpy and juicy, and drinking it can make you feel ecstatic. Fruit flavored Vodka is the best, and the burst of fruit flavors as you take a sip will make you elated.

Khlibnyi Dar

This is yet another top vodka brands from Ukraine in the list of Vodkas. Made using the fermented cereal grains, this vodka tastes delicious with a bite of fruits. It also comes in the flavors of honey, bread, and also fruits. Drinking this vodka is going to make you feel good.


This Vodka brand is one of the best for people who love to try different flavors. This is also another popular Ukrainian brand. In the year 2018, Nemiroff is one of the best brands that found a lot of growth in 40.3 percent growth.


For those people who want to enjoy a budget-friendly Vodka, they must choose Svedka. This is one of the best and delicate Vodkas that everyone will love to have. It does not have strong flavors of Citrus fruits. This pale charcoal-filtered vodka is one of the yummiest ones when it is served chilled. Drinking it at room temperature can also be a better option and can give you a better flavor. Vodka Martini with a twist can be obtained with Svedka. Well, this is one of the types of vodka that you must try.

Magic Moments

The creamy and the citrus-flavored Magic Moments brand vodka is yet another delicious brands that saw a lot of growth in the recent past. This vodka is a triple-distilled Indian brand that has gained a lot of fame in the Distillers market. This vodka is given a silver medal in the International Wine & Spirit Competition for its delicious taste.


How about tasting some walnut flavored Vodka? Soplica is a Poland brand and comes in a variety of flavors. Their strawberry and plum flavored Vodka are the best, and they also manufacture rye vodka. If you want to go high quickly, this is one of the Vodkas that you must try.

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Skyy Vodka

This American brand vodka has a great link towards the LGBTQ advocate. Every ingredient used in this vodka is from the United States. It is made using the quadruple-column distillation and triple-filtering processes and comes in a wide variety of flavors. For all those spice and citrus fruit lovers, Skyy Vodka is the best option to choose from.


Europe is one of the most happening continents for alcohol. Countries like Berlin, Germany, and others manufacture a wide range of alcoholic beverages and one amongst them is the Morosha Vodka. This brand is owned by one of the famous and the largest liquor producers of Eastern Europe. Made using natural mineral water, this vodka has a very delicate flavor and can make you feel good as you take sips.


Well, vodka is very useful in weight-loss, and the Belenkaya is one of the sleekest Russian brands that is known for its nine-step purification process. They make use of charcoal to filter the vodka, and they boast of maximum purity. So, for all the Vodka lovers, this is one of the brands that you need to include as part of your collection.


How about drinking some alcohol straight from Finland? As the name goes, Finlandia is one of the top-notch Vodka brands that has bagged several awards in the International Wine and Spirit Competition. Their barley-based vodka is world-famous. They also boast of using the spring water from glaciers that makes this Vodka one of the most special ones amongst the others. If you are a Vodka lover and haven’t tried this brand, then you are missing something quite intensely.

Well, these are the top vodka brands that every Vodka lover must try or include as part of their collection. Every vodka has a different taste and flavor; experiencing all of them can get you to choose the best one. Well, if you also want to be showered with compliments for choosing the perfect vodka then, these are the brands that you must recommend to someone.

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