5 Beard Care Products You Need in Your Routine

Beard Care Products you need

The modern man’s beard care routine has evolved from soap and the occasional trim, to full-blown grooming kits that contain everything they will need. There is no longer a negative stigma attached to taking care of one’s self, and the markets recognised this by providing options and variety when it comes to male care. 

Gone are the days when you would have to go to your local barber to get your beard looking its best. With some free time and the right tools, you can look like you’ve just walked out of a barbershop every morning! It can get overwhelming when you’re still trying to pick out the products for your beard care essentials, which is why we are here to help you out.

Here are the top 5 beard care products you can’t miss!

1. Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer

Chances are, you already have this lying around! However, the main reason why a lot of men avoid growing out a beard is that they don’t know how to trim it so that it grows out well. You can watch videos online on how experts trim their beards at home, but here’s a quick preview of the secret: you should shave a U-shape neckline a little bit above your Adam’s apple first. Once you’ve done this, use gradation to tailor your beard to your face shape. The trick is to go about it slowly and keep checking on your progress!

2. Brush

Once your facial hair gets past the 2 or 3 week mark, it will start to have a growing pattern which will then require grooming. Most people do not grow out a desirable natural pattern, which can lead to looking unkempt rather than attractive. This is when a beard brush will come in handy! There is that inevitable phase during beard growth when a comb can’t run through facial hair when it is too short. A beard brush will be able to help you keep your beard looking neat, as well as getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells!

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3. Beard Oil

Beard oils are heaven sent when it comes to working wonders for facial hair. If you’ve been noticing that your beard looks dull and dry, or if it feels itchy and rough, then a beard oil from The Sardar Co may just be the answer.

Using a beard oil has multiple benefits. It will help combing or brushing through your hair feel like a breeze, it moisturises the hair and leaves healthy gloss, and it gives it a nice, refreshing scent as well! Our current favourite is the tea tree beard oil which manages to achieve all these benefits in one handy product. 

4. Beard or Face Scrub

Beard dandruff is a very real problem. If you leave the skin underneath your facial hair overlooked, you may be prone to itchiness and dandruff. This is why it is important to invest in a good facial scrub or beard scrub that will ensure that your pores are clean, and that there aren’t any dead skin cells hanging around your face. Trust us, you won’t regret incorporating this into your daily routine.

5. Comb

If you are planning to grow out your facial hair long, then a comb will be your best friend. This is something you can use to de tangle your beard, and it’s convenient enough to bring along with you everywhere you go! If you feel like your facial hair needs a little attention in the middle of the day, you can easily fix your look with a small comb in your bag.


Get your beard care essentials ready before you start growing out your facial hair. Beard grooming and maintenance can certainly draw the line between looking fresh and sleek, or ending up looking ragged without the right tools and products.

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