8 Things You Can Do During the Pandemic

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The effects of the COVID-19 have spread globally. Airports are shut down and businesses are finding unique ways to sell their services. As families have isolated themselves in their homes, the pandemic fatigue has caused a lot of fear, anxiety and boredom. If you are looking for things you can do at home, here are eight ideas that can keep you and your family busy.

1. Start Baking

Get some extra flour and baking powder and experiment in the kitchen. With extra time on hand, many people have turned to baking as their outlet of stress. The process of measuring, mixing and kneading can help you focus your mind and feel in control. Besides, you get a sweet treat once you’re done.

2. Write Letters

With social distancing enforced, gatherings have completely changed. Find ways to connect with those you love. Letters are a simple way to express your love, and they take some time to do. Use calligraphy, draw pictures or express your gratitude and send it to someone who may be feeling down.

3. Get Outside

Many people have used the pandemic as an excuse to get outside. There are limitless opportunities to explore the outdoors, if you stay socially distanced. Find nearby hikes, go on early morning runs or find a nice camping spot. The exercise and fresh air can also do a lot to improve your mood.

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4. Fix Something

Now that you’re spending more time at home, it’s a good reason to get started on work around the house. If you are renovating a room or have some furniture that can be refurbished, take this time to improve your home. The project can help you stay focused, and you’ll enjoy the results.

5. Declutter

While you’re at it, start decluttering your home. Throw out old junk, organize new junk and deep clean your house. This can be a family project, especially if the kids start to get bored. Start in bedrooms and closets and hit the garage if you’re really into it.

6. Become a Model

Practice your photography skills with your family members or try out the selfie stick. Find beautiful scenery near you to do a few photoshoots. If you’re feeling fancy, try doing some at-home photography effects. Spend some time on editing to get stunning results.

7. Try Journaling

Create something your kids will cherish one day. 2020 has made its mark in history: don’t forget to document it. Keep a journal every day or consider scrapbooking some of the big events. Bullet journaling is a fun way to journal and plan every day.

8. Create Origami

Origami is a beautiful Japanese method of forming intricate designs with paper. This is a great art to learn, and your kids can get the hang of it too. If you want a way to be mindful and create beautiful art, look up some tutorials and invest in some origami paper.

There are many things you and your family can do during this time. Find ways to make memories and stay safe.

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