Coldwater therapy uses water around 150C (590F) to help the body stimulate health or treat conditions related to health. Cold water therapy is also referred to as cold hydrotherapy. Cold hydrotherapy includes outdoor swims, cold water immersion sessions, ice baths, and daily quick showers. It is believed that there are certainly potential benefits of having an ice bath.

You can do ice baths at the comfort of your home using water coolers in your tab or pool just like in Nature where you can jump into an ice pool. You connect the tubes into your water, and the temperatures will cool regardless of outside temperatures. The water coolers are of high quality and have a life expectancy of about 8+ years of daily use.

The potential benefits of having an ice bath include:

  • It helps the central nervous system

Ice baths aid in sleep and therefore helps the central nervous system feel better by reducing fatigue. Reducing fatigue is essential for future workouts since your body can have better explosiveness and reaction time. Therefore if your central nervous system can relax, then the better your body feels.

  • Eases aching and sore muscles

Coldwater therapy makes the body feel better after intense working out. When you work out, you experience burning muscles and soreness within your muscles; therefore, when you have ice baths, it eases your aching muscles and the body’s soreness.

  • Limits the inflammatory response

Inflammation occurs after exercise and tends to slow down recovery. Using ice baths decreases local temperature after you have done training and reduces the inflammatory response. Cooling decreases the inflammation amount, and this helps you to recover faster.

  • Trains your vagus nerve
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The parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve are linked. Training the vagus nerve helps the body face stress conditions more effectively. Taking an ice bath can train your vagus nerve and help your body face stressful circumstances adequately.

  • Decreases the effect of heat and humidity

Whenever your body is undergoing exercise, there is an increase in humidity or an increase in temperature. Having an ice bath before a long race or prolonged exercise can lead to better performance since the ice bath lowers the core body temperature by a few degrees.

If you are willing to begin the ice bath and want your body to benefit, it is good to know a few things before submerging your body into the ice bath. Ensure the temperature of the ice bath is between 50-590F or 10-150C. You can have a thermometer with you to take the temperature of the water.

You can have adverse consequences if you spend too much time in an ice bath. Therefore you should avoid staying for too long in an ice bath, and you can limit the ice bath between 10-15 minutes. You can begin by exposing your lower legs and feet as you start immersing yourself in the ice bath, and as you continue to feel comfortable, you can move towards your chest. 

To gain the best benefit of blood vessel constriction, you immerse your entire body since an ice bath immediately after a workout has better effects. The ice bath can lower the inflammatory process, and healing will be faster.

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If you chose an ice bath as a way to recover after intense training or athletic event, or health improvement, ensure that you are keen about the time and temperature to avoid severe reactions. Using a water coolant is simple in Nature and easy to install, and all you require is to follow the manual. Start slow as you begin the ice therapy, and remember to disconnect the water coolant’s pump once you are done.

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