How cold pressed juice cleanse your body for better performance

pressed juice

Let’s talk about cold pressed juice, and the benefits that come from using it to cleanse your body. There are many different benefits of doing a juice cleanse, not the least of which is how much better you’ll feel on the inside.

The ingredients in cold pressed juice have been shown to not only cleanse your body of unwanted substances, but it also improves the health of your cells. How is this possible? Essentially, your body becomes able to process the substances it normally doesn’t have the resources to process properly.

Using cold-presssed juice as an accompanying beverage to your meal doesn’t have the same effect as you hope or desire for. To reap the benefits of cold-pressed juice is to begin on a juice cleanse, which is about a three-day diet or fast with juice as the only source of nutrition and food. It might sound drastic, but three-days you will feel fresh as new!

Cells & Toxins

Your cells have become so saturated with toxins that they no longer function as they should. They simply do not know what to do with all of the toxins, or how to remove them. When your cells have been cleansed and they are functioning better, you will have a more powerful immune system.

Nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes quickly absorb into your blood stream in a manner faster than normal food is absorbed. These nutrients help to flush off toxic elements from your blood stream, liver, kidney and heart. Your body then starts working as its own cleansing system. 

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Furthermore, juice itself can be an efficient detoxifying agent. Although it is still loaded with chemicals and food, the actual cleaning process removes them from your body. In addition, some of the chemicals in your body can actually stimulate cancer cells, so it is wise to avoid the juice if you have a history of cancer.

Common Questions

One of the most common questions asked when it comes to how to cleanse the body and improve performance is, “How does cold pressed juice cleanse your body for better performance?” The answer is quite simple.

Juices typically have naturally occurring enzymes, plant-based proteins, organic acids, vitamin C, and probiotics. These are all compounds that have been shown to reduce inflammation and help maintain good health. Additionally, they support good posture by relaxing your muscles.

As a matter of fact, there are many studies that have been done on how cold pressed juice will actually help your performance. Many athletes drink this juice prior to a competition, or during a training session. It has even been shown to improve athletic performance when used by older adults.

Juicing Fruit & Vegetables

On the other hand, there is no reason to worry about drinking juice without giving it a try. It is extremely easy to prepare, and it can be a nutritious addition to your diet. Simply take in an organic apple, cucumber, or other fresh vegetables, add a teaspoon of coconut oil, juice it, and drink.

I would like to mention that you should never juice a cucumber in the juicer. Instead, use a regular blender for this juice, and enjoy the flavor without the heavy chemicals found in other juicers.

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If you have never heard of the term, “cold press juice,” it is basically just juicing with the use of a cold press. Instead of squeezing the juice out of the fruit, you allow the juice to sit for a specific amount of time, which is called the “press.”

Cold Press Solution

Cold press juice is very unique because the fruit is always gently pressing against the outside of the fruit, which aids in the removal of the harmful materials. In addition, there is less chance of the fruit being crushed. You can find cold-pressed juice that comes in different flavors such as ginger, papaya, lemon, etc., which can make a nice addition to your smoothies, or even to add a little something extra to your regular juice.

So if you want to cleanse your body and improve your performance, you might want to consider trying cold-pressed juice. You will not only benefit from cleansing your body, but you will be helping the planet as well!

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