The Incredible Power Of Detoxing Your Body

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The word “detox” gets a bit of a bad rap in medical circles. Doctors consistently deny the power of diet to affect a person’s health and fitness and instead focus on using drugs which mask symptoms instead of cure disease. But the truth is that what we eat, even now in the 21st century, is central to determining our health and how fit we can become.

But over the years, many people have discovered that detoxing is an ideal way to improve their health and get back on the right track. Since the 1990s, it’s been widely understood that juices and smoothies are a great way to recover from a diet filled with nightmare foods like hard cheese, cured meat, and sweet bakery items.

The problem is that not everybody gets detoxing right. Here is some wisdom on how to go about it in the right way.

Choose The Right Kind Of Cleanse

Some people think that it’s okay to cleanse with something like pure water mixed with maple syrup, thinking that the simplicity of what they’re eating is a good thing. After all, just sugar and water are easy for your body to process right?

It turns out that that sort of logic really doesn’t work when it comes to our bodies. It’s not the range of foods that is the problem (in fact eating a wide variety of foods has been shown to be beneficial); it’s the type of foods that matter.

Another mistake that many people make is taking all of the fiber out of their diet when going on a cleanse. They rely solely on beet juice, carrot juice or fruit juice, not realizing that all of these juices have high glycemic indexes. Some products, like the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse, avoid these problems by including whole food formulations that keep the nutrients your body needs. These products also come with instructions that help you to avoid making bad decisions that could ultimately end up negatively affecting your health and fitness goals.

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Eat Plenty Of Prebiotics Following Your Cleanse

During your cleanse, the bacteria in your gut can become depleted. These bacteria are essential for many things, including maintaining a healthy weight, having beautiful skin, and processing toxins in your gut.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to replenish your healthy gut bacteria when you come off a cleanse. You can do this by eating so -called “prebiotics.” Prebiotics are foods that act as fertilizer, increasing the growth of good bacteria in your stomach and making sure that their numbers recover quickly after a cleanse. Foods like onions and leafy greens are especially good for gut bacteria, thanks to their high fiber content.

Eat Smaller Meals

After you’ve finished your program, many experts recommend eating smaller meals. When you eat smaller meals, your body will find it easier to break down and digest all of the food that you eat, providing you with more nutrition. Proper digestion is essential because of the fact that, as humans, we’re only as healthy as our digestive systems.

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