CPAP Accessories All Users Should Own

CPAP Accessories

CPAP therapy is about more than just the mask, and those who have harnessed the life-changing technology for a while will understand the significant impact that various accessories can have on the efficacy and ease of CPAP technology. From cleaning equipment to pillows, we’ve collated a couple of accessories that all CPAP users should own.

1. CPAP sanitisers and cleansing accessories

Keeping your CPAP therapy machine and mask clean and sanitised is vital for the continued function of the technology and for your personal health. Various CPAP sanitising accessories and mask wipes are available through most CPAP retailers so that you can clean your CPAP mask and machine as much as you need to without any fuss.

2. CPAP bed pillows

Significantly improving the comfort of CPAP machines, CPAP pillows are an extremely popular accessory option, often purchased in conjunction with a machine to ensure continuous comfort. CPAP pillows are designed to accommodate a CPAP mask as well as the hose section of the CPAP therapy technology. These specially designed pillows are generally recommended for use by individuals who sleep on their stomach or side, allowing space for the CPAP technology. 

3. CPAP friendly pillows

CPAP friendly pillows are designed to facilitate a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep by stabilising a user’s upper body – preventing the respiratory restriction which can occur as a result of certain sleeping positions. These pillows can be an easy and effective way to ensure that your CPAP machine works to the best possible capacity.

4. Mask liners

CPAP mask liners improve the comfort of CPAP machines by creating a barrier between the mask lining and the skin. Suitable for various CPAP therapy masks and machines, a number of different mask liner designs are available, and their low cost makes them an appealing option to improve the CPAP therapy user experience.

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5. Heated CPAP tubing

A slightly more expensive accessory option, but one that is popular regardless, is heated CPAP tubing technology: designed to maintain a pleasant, warm temperature as air travels from the humidifier to the mask. As well as improving user comfort, heated CPAP tubing can improve efficiency by maintaining humidity in the air and thus avoiding the problems associated with dry air.

6. Nasal pads

Nasal pads are another popular option for improving the comfort levels of CPAP therapy masks and machines. As well as preventing skin irritation and facial sores, nasal pads minimise the risk of mask leaks and improve the overall comfort for users. 

 7. Mask gels

Mask gels can improve the CPAP experience by creating a thin barrier between the mask lining. Not only does this gel layer minimise the risk of leaking and improve overall comfort, but the various moisturising gel options can have other benefits on the skin, with users waking up feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

  1. Hose holders

Hose holding accessories are useful for CPAP therapy users who find their tubing often becomes tangled. This low-cost accessory can significantly improve the experience of CPAP therapy, allowing freedom of movement and preventing tube tangling. 

  1. CPAP travel briefcases

For CPAP users who travel frequently, a CPAP travel briefcase can be an essential accessory. These specially designed cases are built to safely accommodate masks, tubing, batteries and other accessories, ensuring that CPAP equipment can be transported safely. Many CPAP briefcases like those available at CPAP Direct also feature a compartment for other items, so you can keep all of your CPAP accessories and parts together. 

  1. CPAP Power Adapters & Batteries
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Again an accessory for CPAP users who frequently travel, CPAP-friendly batteries and power adapters can be an essential lifeline when travelling with CPAP masks overseas.

CPAP technology is constantly evolving, so if there’s a step that could be taken to improve the CPAP experience, the chances are, that step is being taken through a new machine design or new accessory. Although it can be costly to own a CPAP machine and mask, as well as the accessories that go with them, doing your research before you buy will help you to find the right accessories that you need to get the most out of the CPAP therapy. 

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