Here’s How You Can Make Your E-cigarette Battery Last Longer


Here’s How You Can Make Your E-cigarette Battery Last Longer

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you will probably know how important battery life is. Your battery running out of charge suddenly can put you in a fix, particularly when you have switched to e-cigarettes for ditching the smoking habit. You wouldn’t want to give in to the temptation when you run short and feel the urge for nicotine. While taking a spare device everywhere you go could be one way to deal with the situation, maximizing the battery life of your vape mod is a better idea. Here are some measures you can try to get more out of your vape battery.

Choose wisely

The most obvious way to get extra is by choosing the battery wisely, particularly if you plan to vape out of the house often. A high capacity (mAh rating) would be the right pick because you won’t have to charge it often, which can be a challenge outdoors. You can easily find vape pen batteries that come with an impressive lifespan. Ideally, one that is 3,000 mAh and more would work.

Lower the power setting 

The battery’s capacity indicates how many milliamps (a measure of current) it provides for a solid hour of usage. It is obvious that higher wattages will draw more current and drain the battery faster. So turning the wattage down can go a long way in prolonging the time you get with it. With some practice, you will be able to identify a setting that gives enough vapor for a satisfying puff while putting the device on a conservation mode.

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Use high-strength e-juice 

Vapers tend to combine high wattages with lower strength e-liquids to get a satisfying amount of nicotine, without going over the top. But this is not a great idea from the battery life perspective because it has to work much harder and longer to give you a satisfying vape. You can explore the options in tobacco e-liquids and find a quality, high-strength variant that gives you amazing results even at low wattage settings. Just a little goes a long way, which means that there is hardly a risk of excessive use.

Use temperature control 

Another effective measure that you can try is to use the temperature control (TC) mode while vaping. As the coil reaches up to a pre-designated temperature setting, the wattage is reduced automatically to keep the temperature at the same level. This can do wonders for the battery life, apart from delivering a consistent flavor from the e-juice. Temperature control even helps you avoid dry hits. 

Turn off the device when not in use

The most sensible piece of advice to get the top-notch performance and long life from your vape mod’s battery is by turning it off when not in use. Further, you may consider investing in a device that has the stealth mode feature. This mode keeps the screen turned off and this can conserve power to a considerable extent. Considering the immense popularity of these devices and products, you can surely get a good one in the market. A little extra spent now can help you save up in the long run.

Battery life always matters a lot for vapers because you would want an endless experience without interruptions. Though you cannot completely do away with the issue, these smart measures can help you improve it significantly.

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