How to make baby hair grow thicker? 6 natural ways to try!

It’s been 6 months and over now. The baby was born with a little less hair, but it seems that your baby’s hair is not growing. Surely you do know that on an average baby, hair grows upto 7 millimetres per month. However, your little one has a little less mane. So, how to make baby hair grow thicker? Is there any healthy way, or do you have to use any chemicals to achieve this? This is precisely what this article will talk about.

As you scroll down this content, you will get ways you can use to thicken your little one’s hair, some factors you need to look into before choosing any of these techniques, and surely a glimpse of short anagen hair syndrome your kid might be suffering from. Let’s get to the techniques –

How to make baby hair grow thicker with homemade techniques?

When you are talking about growing a baby’s hair, the first thing that you will have to remember is – you must not use any chemical component. Here are some homemade techniques that you may use to make your baby’s hair thicker –

1. Massage hair with coconut oil

This is a traditional practice that has been going down for centuries (especially on the Eastern side of the globe). As an antioxidant with the capacity to enhance hair texture – coconut oil massage is just what your baby needs! Give your little one this head massage thrice a week for the best results. If possible, add a dash of Vitamin E to this oil. If you are comfortable, you may warm this oil a little.

How to make baby hair grow thicker

2. Use argan oil as an alternative

In case you are looking for an alternative, argan oil can be your answer. This oil is inherently enriched with Vitamin E, fatty acids, and protein that deeply moisturizes your baby’s hair and strengthens the roots. This oil categorically helps to fight scalp dryness. Massage this oil thrice a week and keep it for 20 minutes before shampooing it off.

3. Massage with aloe vera

To answer your query how to make baby hair grow thicker the experts suggest another ingredient – aloe vera. You already know of its antioxidant properties, and when you use it on your baby’s scalp, it enhances the health of the scalp, thereby improving hair growth.

Dilute the aloe vera paste with water and massage it thrice a week. Keep it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with mild shampoo.

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4. Yogurt massage is a great option

This is something that, as an adult, even you try, don’t you? Putting yogurt on hair is a great way to boost its natural strength and make it fuller. However, when you use it to massage your baby’s hair, ensure that you dilute it with water and make a thick paste.

Ensure that you are using yogurt that is pure (free from any artificial coloring) and fresh.

5. Castor oil or olive oil massage works well

Both castor and olive oils are well-known for their antioxidant properties and contain Vitamin E, fatty acids and oleic acid. They are used to massage the scalp since they improve blood circulation, thereby strengthening the roots of the hair.

These oils are also well known for locking the moisture, which helps to prevent the breaking of hair.

Massage your baby’s hair thrice a week, and keep it for 20 minutes before washing it off.

6. Amla / Fenugreek / Shea Butter massage work well

Apart from the oils used, amla paste, fenugreek paste or shea butter are great alternatives to make your baby’s hair thicker. Are you surprised about how to make baby hair grow thicker with these ingredients since you have heard of their benefits only for adults?

Well, quite contrary to your thoughts, both fenugreek and amla paste diluted with water when massaged on baby hair work wonders within a span of 3 months. Similarly, massaging your baby’s hair with shea butter also will return you with positive results in a short time span.

So, now do you have a better idea about how to make baby hair grow thicker? But there’s one point that is the key to success – A nutritious diet.

These are some of the supplements your baby will need –

Foods rich in – Vitamin A (pumpkin, carrot), Vitamin B (egg, meat, whole grains, potatoes), Vitamin E (spinach, corn, peanuts), folic acid supplements, citrus fruits, eggs, skim milk, and other dairy products.

How to make baby hair grow thicker in other ways?

Once you are done trying the above-mentioned ways (pick any two at a time) – here are some other techniques that will assist you in speeding up hair growth.

1. Use Gelatin

After you have followed almost everything that you could do by the book, you might still be looking for ways how to make baby hair grow thicker. Gelatin is one additional amino acid that enhances hair growth.

Supposing your baby is on a milk diet, it is not possible for them to consume gelatin supplements. Then you can massage your baby’s hair with a combination of gelatin powder-based supplements blended with honey and warm water. Massage the hair well and then take them for a bath.

2. Use reputed baby shampoo

This is another crucial thing you must keep in mind. Most children’s products promise to be natural and skin-friendly. They mostly are not! Choose a shampoo that is mild (low on detergent content), organic in nature, and free of both sulphates and parabens.

How to make baby hair grow thicker

Remember that you need to wash your baby’s hair every day and shampoo him two-three times per week. Therefore – ensure that the shampoo you are using is clinically tested to fit the bar for kids.

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3. Use natural conditioner

It is crucial to hydrate your baby’s scalp. A dry scalp can lead to multiple issues, and therefore you must use a natural conditioner (check for the kid-friendly label) after shampooing.

4. Use a soft towel

Lastly, there’s no alternative to soft towels. Rub the baby’s head softly with either cotton-made towels or any other soft cloth.

Apart from the natural techniques, you must try these to ensure that your little one’s mane grows healthier and fuller within a short time span.

What to remember before you try any of the techniques?

Now that you have clarity about how to make baby hair grow thicker – it is time you remember certain points before trying any of these techniques –

  • Check for allergies. Do a little patch test on your baby before you use any product. Also, try to avoid products that, as parents, you are allergic to since they might be inherently carried down to the baby.
  • While using chemical products, please be conscious of the reputation of the product you are using. It is best to opt for organic products. Again, before using, conduct a patch test to check.
  • Whatever technique you follow, please be very cautious around the baby. Ensure that the baby does not swallow any of the ingredients.
  • Lastly, baby hairs grow pretty slowly. Therefore, you have to wait till 4 months at a stretch (at times it could go up to 6 months) to notice any marked difference.

With the above-mentioned techniques, you will be able to make your baby’s hair grow thick. If you do not notice any change, then it is time to visit a child specialist.

What is short anagen hair syndrome?

You know how to make baby hair grow thicker with these techniques now, and you may use any of them (do not go for more than two combinations at a time) on your little one. However, even after 6-7 months, if you do not notice any marked difference despite all the care, you do need to consult a medical practitioner.

Many kids suffer from short anagen hair syndrome. It is a benign medical issue that affects the hair cycle and is noticed in babies, mostly in the age group of 2-4 years. It is a congenital disease where the hair does not grow long enough to go in for a basic trimming.

How to make baby hair grow thicker

Though in most cases, this might go unnoticed and is detected at a later stage, you might take your child to see the doctor (if you find her hair growth not up to the age).

There’s no need to worry since it is treatable.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this write-up could respond correctly about how to make baby hair grow thicker. This piece was created with assistance from medical experts and some noted creators of homemade products. Once again, since it’s your little one, please be careful with any of the techniques that you use. Also, if you have any further queries regarding the procedures – do get back to this page and leave your questions behind. Keep watching this space for more!

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