6 Essential Pieces of Equipment You’ll Find in Any Nursing Home That’s Worth its Salt

medication carts

All nursing homes are not created equal. That’s why you need to check a facility’s background. Likewise, tour the facility and learn what equipment they have. Nursing homes must have equipment that’s vital to patient safety and comfort. Here are some examples of what to look for.

Medicine Cart

Dispensing medication is an important part of patient care. Employees should not put patient medication in a pocket and carry it around. The best practice is to use Medication Carts for Nursing Homes. Modern nursing homes use automated dispensing. This means each patient’s medicine is in an individual packet. Further, this calls for an efficient medication delivery system. Medication carts make work easier for nurses.


Patient lifts are priority equipment in a nursing home. Many accidents happen because employees try to lift patients on their own. Indeed, lifts are safer for patients and staff. This piece of medical equipment makes it a snap to move patients from the bed to other areas. Most lifts consist of a boom that goes over the patient. The boom attaches to a spreader bar. A sling hooks to the spreader bar and the patient sits in the sling. The FDA recommends the sling be matched to the patient’s weight.

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds make life easier for patients and caregivers. These beds move up and down and users can elevate the head or the foot of the bead easily. Move the bed down so patients can easily get into a wheelchair or use a walker. The beds have rails that patients can grab onto. Indeed, the rails help them move around. In addition, the beds make tasks easier for caregivers. For instance, an aide who’s helping a patient eat can lower the bed.

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Bathroom Equipment

Special equipment is needed in the bathroom to make it safer. Many patients may need to use a shower chair rather than stand. The best shower chairs are made with padded handles and heavy-duty mesh for seats. The chairs should dry quickly so mildew isn’t a problem. The headrest and lumbar support should also be padded.

Further, shower stalls should be equipped with grab bars. Grab bars need to be durable so they can handle any patient’s weight. Likewise, it may be difficult for some patients to sit on a regular toilet. Raised toilet seats reduce the distance a patient bends to reach the toilet. The best devices add about five inches to the toilet’s height.


A defibrillator is an important piece of life-saving equipment. The device is used when patients have a sudden cardiac arrest. Experts say every minute that passes without defibrillation lowers the chances of survival by ten percent. Nursing homes may use automated external defibrillators or AEDs. These devices are compact and not as large as what’s used in a hospital.

Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs should be comfortable and equipped with safety features. Wheelchairs for the elderly should have lumbar support and support for the head. The device needs to be comfortable because patients may prefer to sit in a wheelchair for several hours per day. It makes moving around easier for them.

It’s a major transition for a loved one to move into a nursing home. You want them to be safe and secure. These devices make life safer and more comfortable for the elderly.

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