7 Skin Problems That Go Wild During the Winter and How to Handle Them

winter skin problems

Many of us love the holiday season and the amazing scenery as winter truly sets in but your skin is not always so keen on such a sudden drop in temperature and all the problems that can come with a spell of cold and windy weather.

It feels nice to wrap up warm when you go outside and enjoy a cozy night by the fire but your skin will also appreciate a bit of TLC during the cold winter months.

One surefire tip is to keep your lips nicely moisturized as a way of protecting them against the cold and wind, and you might want to go to Circcell to search out something suitable for that.

In the meantime, here is a look at some winter skin problems and ways to deal with them.

Think about protection from the sun

As crazy as it might sound when you are concerned with winter skin issues you do have to think about the prospect of UV damage.

You wouldn’t spend a day on the beach without protecting your skin from the sun’s rays but it is worth remembering that UVA is still very much an issue in the winter months.

If you are going out to enjoy a walk in the crisp air and the sun is in your eyes that should be a clue that you still need a bit of UV protection to keep your skin in good shape and protected from damage.

Your lips can soon get damaged

A combination of the cold and a biting wind can soon wreak havoc on your lips unless you have them covered and suitably protected.

Your skin will be naturally susceptible to dryness during the winter months and it is all too easy to break the top layer of your skin under such cold and windy conditions.

A good solution would be to use a moisturizing product to keep your lips moist and you might want to look for products that contain vitamins A & E as these can also help soothe your skin.

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Have you got the winter itch?

It is not uncommon to experience itchy patches on your skin during the winter period and the cause of this problem is often down to a sudden drop in temperature that leaves your skin’s natural defenses more vulnerable than usual.

Once that natural layer of skin barrier has been compromised it can soon lead to an outbreak of dry and itchy skin.

Try to keep your skin moisturized and if you notice the problem is not getting any better it might be down to what you are wearing, as wool is a classic culprit that can exacerbate that winter itch.

The prospect of a breakout

Breakouts are unwelcome at any time of the year but especially during the holiday season when your social calendar is probably busier than usual.

A common cause of breakouts is when your skin becomes exposed to new elements, such as a noticeable drop in temperature, or it could also be when you change to a different skincare product.

Changing skin care products at the time when the temperature dial plummets could lead to a breakout problem, so try and be mindful of this and be cautious when you are introducing new products to your skin during the winter months.

Keeping hydrated

One of the key issues that could affect your skin in the winter is the fact that that the cool air can quickly dry your skin out and leave it vulnerable.

A combination of a drop in humidity levels together with the cold air that your skin is exposed to can soon create dryness because the water in your skin will evaporate at a faster rate under these conditions.

Once the moisture has left your skin you are far more likely to experience feeling that your skin has become drier and tighter, creating a flaky appearance in no time at all.

The way to combat this issue is to ensure that you do what is required to keep your skin properly hydrated, using natural moisturizers, It is also possible to improve your skin’s moisture levels by eating foods that encourage your body to naturally replenish its moisture levels, so look out for those and add them to your winter diet.

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The next stage of dry skin

If you don’t manage to nip the dry skin problem in the bud soon enough you could then be contending with a flaky skin problem.

When your skin drys out to such an extent it can quickly lead to cracking and flaking.

Once you have reached this situation it is not that easy to resolve the problem through the use of moisturizers alone. One solution would be to use an exfoliating wash to remove the top layer of damaged skin and steer clear of soaps that have a high PH level as that can make the dryness worse.

Coping with skin changes during winter

As already outlined, there is nothing you can do about the cold weather having an impact on your skin but you can be proactive with your skincare routine in order to prevent issues with dryness and redness.

The fact of the matter that problems with your skin such as dryness and redness do tend to go with the territory of cold winter weather so you need to be prepared for this situation and do what you can to prevent these conditions from developing.

Try to stick to a skincare routine that is gentle on your skin while still managing to cleanse and moisturize it.

There may be scenarios where you might have to resort to a heavier moisturizer as a way of replenishing and compensating for your skin’s natural hydration difficulties during winter.

You want your skin to look its best all year round and that means being prepared for some wild winter weather and making sure that it doesn’t take its toll on your appearance.


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