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Losing Weight

There are numerous reasons why you may want to lose weight. You could be trying to slim down, tone your body or tighten it. Whatever your reasons are, the process of losing weight will be more effective if you create a workout plan, preferably a weekly schedule to work with. When it comes to sticking to the plan, your attitude should be that of absolute commitment if you want to have any chances of losing weight. When it comes to exercise, there should be no room for last-minute guesswork. Dr. James W Stalker is an experienced weight loss physician who can help you come up with an appropriate workout plan. You are more likely to reach your weight objectives and complete them if you plan your workouts in advance.

Workout Plan for Beginners

In order to lose weight, it’s recommended that you get at least 150 to 250 minutes of moderate-intensity workout per week. Don’t worry if that sounds like too much. As a beginner, you’re allowed to start at the lower end of that suggestion. Your main goal should be to complete your workouts on most days of the week. Select activities that are fun and easy for you to do.

One of the most suitable exercises for a beginner is walking, because you don’t need any special equipment, and you can do it almost anywhere. You can also try home strength training workouts, as well as online workouts as a start. Make sure you check with your health physician before starting any weekly exercise programs. When it comes to staying healthy, the doctor’s guidelines come first. You can combine a few different physical activities to come up with a full-body weight loss plan. Alternate your plan between moderate-intensity walks, and home strength training workouts.

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Workout Plan for the Intermediate-Advanced

As you progress and get stronger and more fit, you should be able to comfortably allocate more time to each of the daily exercises. Do this gradually to avoid getting burnout. For effective weight loss, you want your weekly schedule to total more than 250 minutes of workout. Additionally, your weight loss exercises should get harder as your fitness level increases. The most effective workouts to burn calories are also the most difficult to do. But as long as you’re getting stronger, and you’re healthy enough to do vigorous exercises, you should be able to include them in your program.

The workout routine at this stage should include aerobic exercises to burn calories, strength training workout to build muscles, and flexibility training to keep the body healthy and reduce stress. Alternate the workouts between circuit workout with weights, high-intensity workouts at home, and easy recovery day stretches or walks.

Workout Plan Results

Anyone interested in losing weight would want to know how long they should stick to their weekly workout schedule before the results manifest. The truth is it depends on a variety of factors. If you workout on a daily basis, you should be able to see results by the second week. Your body’s look and feel will be noticeably different. It will also depend on the kind of energy balance you’ve created.

To make the plan more effective, combine a healthy diet with an exercise program. The diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, among others. Avoid overeating after exercise and ensure you monitor the number of calories you consume per day.

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