How to Recover from Back Injury?

Back injury is a common health problem which affects almost 80% of the world population. In the US people often suffer from back problems which include back pain, spasm, injury, etc. The most common reason for back problems is the wrong posture. A lot of people are unaware of the correct body posture for various activities such as sleeping, sitting, etc. Besides, most of us have little idea about how to recover from a back injury.

There are lots of reasons for a back problem which include obesity, weight lifting, injuries, muscle spasm, etc. This is why you need to cautious about your body so that you don’t suffer from any back injury. Here is a list of ways which can help you stay away from back problems and also recover from it.

10 Ways to Recover From back Injury

1.  Good Posture

This is the most basic thing which you need to take care of. Your body posture while performing various activities can cause damage to your back. For instance, suppose you are performing heavyweight exercises and you are not following the right posture. Under such circumstances, you might suffer from a back injury. To avoid such situations, always follow good posture. Also, do not sit and work for long hours. It is good to take breaks and stretch out. Further, use comfortable chairs at work and recliners at home to rest your back.

2. Physical Therapy

An effective method to reduce back pain and avoid back injuries is physical therapy. It will help you to follow good body postures. Physical therapy is a great solution to keep your spine in good health. There are a set of specialized exercises which keeps your body in good health. This, in turn, keeps your core muscles active and strengthens them too.

3. Exercise

The best therapy to cure back pain and avoid injuries is exercise. On the contrary, excessive heavy weight exercise and wrong posture of exercise can also harm your body. You need to be completely sure about the exercises you perform and the body posture appropriate for those exercises. Regular workout help to recover from back injury faster.

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It is a very wrong concept that exercising is harmful if you are suffering from back pain or injury. There is no harm in exercising but heavy weight lifting might be harmful. You can perform simple exercises, core strengthening exercises, cardiovascular exercises, and other back exercises. The more you exercise, the better your body responds to all kinds of physical activities.

4. Don’t Rest an Achy Back

Rest is not the solution to get rid of back pain or injury. It is important to take medication but rest is not a part of the relief therapy. When you are suffering from back pain, the spine is already stressed and resting won’t help you de-stress it. You can try doing stretching, walking, yoga, swimming, etc. to relieve the stress from your back. Besides, you can rest for a day or two but not more than that. Resting for a long time will worsen the condition. This has been stated by a group of doctors in the US, researching on ways to relieve backaches.

5. Hot and Cold Compress

Backaches and injuries are caused due to multiple reasons. You can get rid of these with the help hot and cold compress. It effectively reduces pain and relaxes the back muscles. This is a very old method to reduce pain. It is highly practiced by athletes.

The procedure is very simple. You need a hot water bag and a cold water bag or ice pack. Next, you need to place it on the affected area for a minute and then switch it with the other one. Continue the process for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes for effective results.  As a result of it, the blood flow increases and helps in reducing pain and spasm.

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6. Flexibility

A flexible body is capable of carrying out any physical movement easily. Also, if you have a flexible body, there are fewer chances of getting affected by muscle pain and back injuries. Body stiffness results in body ache, tension, and tightness in the muscles, spasm, pain, and injury. This is the reason why you should improve your flexibility. It is a great way to recover from back injury too.

7. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a good way to relieve stress and increase blood circulation in the body. In a recent study on the benefits of massage therapy, it has been proved that massage can help release stress and reduce pain. In addition to it, massage therapy is pretty effective in reducing back pain too. A normal massage therapy once a week is good for your body.

8. Nerve Stimulation

The human body has innumerable nerves and nerve stimulation is one way to cure chronic back pain and injuries. Consult your doctor before opting for this therapy. Alternatively, you can also try acupuncture therapy too. TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is another therapy to cure back injuries. In this case, mild electric pulses are sent to the nerves to block the pain signals.

9. Talk Therapy

This might seem to be very strange but studies suggest it is effective. This is the reason why this therapy is mentioned on this list. Psychologists suggest that cognitive-behavioral therapy is effective to reduce back injury pain. CBT helps in changing the thought process of people who are affected with back pain. Often, people suffering from back injury have a very negative approach to physical activities. CBT helps in changing this behavior among people by detecting the reason for avoiding physical activities.

10. Biofeedback

The last on the list but also very effective in curing back injury pain is biofeedback. It is a completely scientific therapy conducted with the help of technological devices. A machine specially made to train the brain. It helps in controlling your response to pain. Through this process, you learn to control your blood flow, pulse rate, muscle tension, and breathing. This therapy is better than medication or any other scientific method. It is 30 times more effective than the use of pain killers, anti-spasm sprays, etc. Also, it has zero side effects.

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