What Makes Your Vaping More Efficient

What Makes Your Vaping More Efficient

Sometimes it is troublesome to vape. Today, we mainly introduce RTA. How to use it makes our vaping process convenient and fast. RBA: Rebuildable Atomizer, which refers to a self-loading atomizer. Including RTA, RDA, RDTA. RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, generally refers to a DIY oil storage atomizer with an oil storage bin that rebuilds the atomization core and the oil storage bin is wrapped with an atomization bin. The atomizer using a non-reconstructable finished atomizing core must be an oil storage atomizer, which is generally referred to as a “finished atomizer” RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, a drip oil atomizer, no oil storage tank. Recently, there is a vape called geekvape zeus rta from vapeciga.Detachable inner chamber, makes it easier to trim the wire and keep clean. 4ml and 2ml capacity optional which is portable to carry with you.

How Much E-liquid Should The RTA Have?

If the size of the oil storage tank of the mouth suction type RTA is designed, the oil storage may be a problem worthy of attention. If today’s large smoke RTA, the use of various fancy coils and high-loss low-resistance, is not enough to support half-day use.

How much smoke will be consumed by how much smoke is used. In the RTA purchase of large smoke, it is not necessary to care about how much oil storage space it has. Instead, it can pay attention to the RTA oil filling design during the purchase process. Top oiling has become the standard RTA design, and a reliable RTA product can guarantee the RTA life and give you a petite RTA look.

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What Is The Difference Between RTA For Various Air Intake Designs?

Not only does RDA have a variety of air intake designs, but the extremely convenient RTA is also advancing with the times. Often common, the bottom air intake design is also widely used in most RTA products. The RTA suction resistance of the bottom intake air is smoother, and the intake stroke section can be the first reference of the selection to some extent.

As a novice, of course, I am worried about the oil leakage caused by improper cotton production. Obviously, the bottom air intake design with many advantages has become the opposite of this embarrassing phenomenon. Therefore, some RTA products with top intake design have appeared on the market, and this form of intake can avoid the leakage of oil to the greatest extent.

1. Bottom intake: The most comfortable suction resistance, there are more optional products in this category;

2. Top air intake: The intake stroke is long, the suction resistance is slightly inferior to the bottom air intake design, and the optional products are relatively few, but it can effectively prevent the oil leakage caused by the novice operation.

In fact, RTA also has a type of side air intake, but this type of product is not common, and there is no discussion here. It is still an old saying that every air intake design has advantages and disadvantages, the key is to choose.

What Makes Your Vaping More Efficient

RTA Matches With Mod?


The power of each mod is limited, and the RTA coil parameters can be manually changed by itself, but each RTA will have a reasonable range of heating coil parameters, which determines the perfect performance of an RTA.

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If you follow the conventional 24G/2.5/6 laps, the power of 0.2X will require about 45W. However, if the 28G dual-issue is forced to meet the output limit of the mod, the performance of this PETRI RTA may appear empty and unreasonable.

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Therefore, if the mod output has a certain limit of friends, when choosing RTA, it is best to know whether the output range of the RTA coil’s conventional parameters is suitable for the equipment on hand, and avoid the long-term high-load output. Sex.

Today, with the ever-changing structural design, the big smoke is no longer just the exclusive use of RDA. In the mutual exchange of friends, a male joke is often said. RDA is like a lover, you will enjoy the time with her; RTA is even more Like a wife, living at home is stable and proper. I hope that the above questions can provide an intuitive reference value for your purchase of RTA.

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