Iconic bacon recipes to try once in life

You know how it feels when the bacon rolls into your mouth and the taste buds rush to unwrap the crispy flavors it beholds. You simply cannot disagree to it as bacon tastes so good with everything. There are so many mouth-watering dishes made of bacon. It goes so well with every meal, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. It is also healthy and adds nutrition to your meal. Besides, it adds flavors and textures to your dish which in turn, makes it look attractive.

Whenever we see bacon as a part of our meal, everything looks so delicious. Your love for bacon will grow more as you go through this article. Here we have briefed about some of the best bacon dishes. All of these bacon dishes briefed over here are meant for different meals. Which one you wish to have is your choice but you will love what you see over here.

Bacon-Wrapped Turducken

We don’t always need a reason to cook delicious food, do we? Whenever there is a family gathering, house party, special event like Thanksgiving or Christmas, we all love to have scrumptious foods. This is one dish which is can be the main attraction at the dinner table. Have you heard about Bacon wrapped Turducken? If you haven’t then now you will. This dish is made by stuffing a chicken inside a duck which is again stuffed into a turkey. Now, this is wrapped in bacon and then roasted with all the spices. How does it feel now? You can easily browse for the detailed recipe on the internet.

Bacon Bourbon Chocolate Cookies

Well, bacon and cookies aren’t familiar to each other until you’ve tried this recipe. Chocolate chunks cookies wrapped in bacon served with your favorite whiskey. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect snack for the weekend? These baked cookies taste brilliant and are easy to make.

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Jalapeno Bacon Burger

For people who are inclined more into spices, here is something you’ll love to try out. The jalapeno bacon burger is made with jalapeno, avocado, half-burnt crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese, meat, and buns. The flavors ooze out as you place the first bite on this beauty. It’s a rollercoaster ride for your taste buds.

Bacon & Egg Toast Cups

A classic breakfast served in a classy way. The bacon and egg combination is famous for a long time now, but this is something new. It is pretty easy to make and can be your best meal as breakfast. Besides, whenever you’re in a hurry you can rely on this recipe as it is highly nutritious and heavy.

Bacon Cheeseburger Tacos

Whenever we think of Mexican dishes, tacos are the first thing which pops up in our mind. To make it more delicious, an innovative recipe was developed. The bacon cheeseburger taco is what we call it. Cheeseburger tacos stuffed with bacon is the ultimate bliss.

Bacon Bark with Caramel, Marshmallow, and Whiskey

Here is another snacking idea which is a great companion for your cocktails. This recipe is really weird but the best when it comes to snacks for cocktails. Choose your whiskey and serve this recipe with it. The savory and sweet taste will blend as soon as you take a bite of it.

Cheddar Bacon Chicken

We know a lot of chicken recipes which are so delicious, but how many bacon and chicken recipes do you know? Here are the cheddar bacon and chicken recipe which will fill your heart along with your belly. All you need is to spice up the chicken, cover it with cheddar cheese and wrap it in bacon. Bake it for a minimum of 20 minutes before satisfying your hunger.

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

If you’ve never tried this recipe then try it as soon as possible. You will be blown away when you get to taste this amazing dish. The cinnamon roll is a famous dessert, but bacon makes it a divine recipe altogether. The cinnamon roll is layered with a strip of bacon which makes it a lip-smacking dessert. You just need to toss the bacon in a frying pan for 10-15 minutes before wrapping it onto the roll.

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Chocolate Bacon

There are a lot of dessert recipes where chocolate is used with other ingredients. Have you heard of any dish or dessert where bacon and chocolate are used together? Well, the salty crispy bacon can do wonder when they dip into the pool dark chocolate. The flavors keep on changing as you relish the dessert.

Bacon Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is no wonder a great combination. Anyone would love to have it any time of the day. This classic dish is now reintroduced with the goodness of bacon. On the contrary, there is a drawback to this dish and that is the preparation time. It almost requires an hour to be completely ready for serving.

Bacon French Toast with Peanut Butter and Banana

Walking down the memory lane, we often come across some of our favorite childhood recipes. French toast with peanut butter and banana was one of them. Now, as we cannot go back to those days to cherish those memories. Here we have the same thing for you with the goodness of bacon. The ultimate breakfast which will automatically make your day is here. French toast with bacon strips, peanut butter, and banana tastes so good.

Bacon Jam

This is not a dish or a dessert, it is a jam made with bacon. Now you can spread bacon over everything you want to. The recipe needs a couple of ingredients such as coffee, onions, maple syrup, pepper, garlic, cider vinegar, bacon, and brown sugar. You will be overwhelmed with the taste and flavors, so it’s better to fill a big jar of the bacon jam.

All the above-mentioned recipes are truly delicious and healthy. You won’t be bothered by any health condition until and unless you are allergic to some ingredients specifically. Try out all the recipes and enjoy your meals.

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