The Best Cookbooks at your Rescue

Cookbooks have always been a friend in need. Remember the times when you had invited your friends over at your place and you did not know what to cook? Cookbooks have helped us through all the times when we wanted to show off our gourmet skills and had no idea of how to do that. Cookbooks have a huge impact on the culinary industry. We can make that out by seeing how they become bestsellers in such a short time.

Cooking is a passion and hobby. There are so many people writing cookbooks. It is the reason why we get confused every time we go to the book store. We do not know which one to purchase for our kitchen. No doubt all the cookbook writers are very talented. However, it is quite a difficult task to separate the best ones. This article is about some of the best cookbooks of now.

  1. Gluten-Free Baking for the Holidays

Vacations can never be perfect without desserts and loads of them. This book is by one of the master bakers in the culinary industry, Jeanne Sauvage. In this book, he writes down for us, 60 of his best recipes. These range from snacks to dinner parties and all the classic cookie recipes. You won’t want to miss any of these during your next holiday. This book has some of the most engaging pictures that will make you salivate already. Get hold of one of these and gear up for the upcoming holiday season.

  1. The Country Cooking of Greece

Diane Kochilas is a culinary authoritarian and also the author of this amazing cookbook. She, herself is a huge fan of delicious and healthy Greek food and so she pens down some of her favorites in this book. There are more than 200 recipes in this book and Diane has almost brought to us each corner of Greece. It has some of the most inspiring photographs. The recipes are well written and reader-friendly. They are in the word ‘perfect’ and you should get one copy for yourself soon.

  1. Slow Fire: The Beginner’s Guide to Barbeque

The king of Barbeque or Dr. Barbeque has presented this book himself. If you are an amateur and love barbeque, it is time you get hands-on. This is going to be the best book to refer to when you start. There is nothing too unusual about the content. However, the way the recipes are explained in easy and reader-friendly. Each dish is well thought of and presented. This is the USP of this amazing cookbook.

  1. Roots

The name of this book is unique and the content as well. There are very few cookbooks that focus on vegetables, let alone one specifically root vegetables. This book is all about that. Writer Diane Morgan pens down everything that you need to know about root vegetables. The photographs are going to inspire you so much.

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Every recipe is different and so creative. You are going to love cooking these as you read this book further. The book is a bit bulky but that is completely alright when you get such well-explained recipes. Also, there are special headnotes and tips with each recipe.

  1. Morocco

Moroccan food is not easy to make at all. it has intricate twists of flavors and often considered mysterious. New cooks hardly try this cuisine but now you can. With Jeff Koehler’s new cookbook Morocco, the answers to the mystery are with you now. Jeff explains all the elements and components that you must be aware of when trying Moroccan food. This is not the first cookbook that contains Moroccan recipes but it is surely the best one.

  1. SPQR

Have you been to San Francisco? If yes, then you must be aware of the popular restaurants- SPQR and A16. These are award-winning Italian restaurants in San Francisco. The cookbook that we are talking about here is associated with these two amazing restaurants. The authors of this book are the owners of the restaurants, Shelly Lingren and executive chef Matthew Accarrino.

Leading author Kate Leahy is the person who has put together all the information and written them in this book. The book converges on regional and traditional Italian dishes along with the best Italian wine. You get simple and easy to follow recipes along with some of the most beautiful pictures. However, this book is more for expert cooks and not new home cooks at all.

  1. Modern Sauces: 150 Recipes for Every Cook. Everyday. 

This cookbook by Martha Holmberg concentrates on something which goes unnoticeable most of the time. The sauce is an extremely important part of a dish and we hardly put extra effort to master that. This cookbook is an absolute favorite and it teaches us how to make a variety of dips, dressings, and sauces. You can now create any sauce that goes well with your salad or steak. The recipes are simple and easy to follow. However, one drawback of this book is that there are not many pictures to attract readers.

  1. Flavors Exposed

This is from a remarkably popular and elegant celebrity chef, Angelo Sosa. This according to readers is a unique book and stands out from all the rest of the cookbooks. The main focus is on Latin, Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine.

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Angelo has named these together as the ‘flavor trinity’ and he has taken inspiration from them. The recipes are very easy to develop. The chef has also given an in-detail analysis for each of the flavors. So, you do not just learn the cooking but everything else about a dish. If you understand these tricky flavor blends, you can apply them on other dishes as well.

Final thoughts

We know that you are already excited and ready to start cooking some of the most attractive dishes. Let us not waste any more time and grace our kitchen bookshelves with some of these secret weapons. It is now easier to surprise friends and family with some lip-smacking food from all across the world.

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