How To Choose A Smoker

How To Choose A Smoker

Barbecue in the traditional sense of the word is an age-old practice. The idea is to get the right amount of tenderness, flavor and of course patience to be able to cook for such long hours. Believe it or not, the hard work is well paid off once the juicy piece of meat or slow ribs or brisket, well tendered with time, is served to someone. A foodie knows that there’s nothing better than a flavored smoked piece of meat! Purchasing a smoker is probably worth its salt once one gets a hang of it. Here’s a quick guide to help make that decision.

Electric barbecue smoker

Simple, clean and efficient, electric smokers are some of the most popular ones in the market. The unit maintains the consistent temperature and is more or less self-maintaining. This means one need not spend endless hours watching the smoking process. The ease of use is the biggest benefit, giving a beginner a great platform to start with the smoking world. Traditional smoking, believe it or not, is tough and requires considerable practice and regulation to master. Find more smoker options at

Charcoal and wood smoker

A charcoal or wood smoker is as traditional as it can get when it comes to practicing the age-old smoking process. Since centuries, mankind has made use of smoked salmons, and other dishes and enjoyed the flavor that comes from using wood or charcoal. So, in its purest essence, barbecue is done over a wood fire, and the smoke creates the flavors that run deep in the one’s mouth. Here’re most popular smokers that are used by people.

  • Bullet smoker
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A vertical smoker that’s quite popular, a bullet smoker is cylindrical in shape. Also known by the name “water smokers”, the smoking unit has fire tray and a cooking chamber on top. Water allows the meat to stay tender and juicy, and also prevents any kind of major flare-up inside the smoker.

  • Drum Smoker

Also known by a unique name, Ugly Drum or UDS, this one of its kind smoker is another great option. There is a fire basket placed at the bottom that supports the wire grates where food is kept. Due to low oxygen levels, these smokers are considered highly fuel efficient.

  • Cabinet smoker

Also known by the name two door smokers, the cabinet smoker is strikingly different from the other two. As there is no top lid, this one doesn’t work as a grill. At the bottom section, there is a wood or charcoal tray. The upper section has multiple cooking racks. The only issue with this particular smoker is a loss of heat when the door is opened again and again.

Digital smoker

Everything’s going digital, and so is the case with the smokers. Quiet recent in the market, the coolest entrant of all is called a digital smoker. It has unique features like easy to use temperature probe, and other such specifications. But yes, unlike traditional smokers, it doesn’t look like a smoker in the traditional barbecue sense.

Of all the smoking units, electric is perhaps the one that’s most fuel efficient and safest choice. Find the one that best suits one’s budget and fulfills basic safety needs.

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