What are the Effects of CrossFit on our Body?

There are a lot of workout plans and regimens but not all are meant for everyone. A certain pattern of training or exercise helps us achieve our dream body. There are different people around the globe and they believe in a different form of exercises. For instance, you can highly depend on weight lifting exercises while your body responds to CrossFit training. You need to know which form of exercise is best for your body. Often people depend on exercises for weight loss but it is not only the workout that helps you lose weight. You need to strike a balance between exercise and diet to get the perfect body. CrossFit training helps you get a perfectly toned body with very little fat to shed.

Once you get into the CrossFit training schedule, you will notice a lot of changes in your body. These changes are temporary but for good. As soon as you start experiencing these changes, know that your body is reacting to this form of training. CrossFit training is effective for anyone. You will feel a lot more energetic, healthy, fit and happy. If you think or someone known to you thinks that CrossFit training isn’t effective enough, here is something to prove them wrong. Go through this article to more about CrossFit and learn about its effect on our body.

Out of Shape

The moment your body is working out, the muscles start revolting. You will experience pain in your body and you might feel like giving up. This is the first impression of any form of exercise. What you will learn more about yourself is that, how out of shape you are. It is during the first couple of sessions that you will feel like your body is completely out of shape. It lacks flexibility, stamina, endurance, energy, etc. You will sweat like never before and take innumerable breaks between each exercise. Don’t worry, it’s all common and signs of development.

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The more you sweat, the more your body releases toxins. As you keep on going, you will start developing strength and stamina. Your body will become flexible and your core strength will develop as well. Even your breathing pattern will develop and you will be able to reduce the breaks between exercises.

Better with Numbers

How good is your math? Don’t worry if you are bad at it because CrossFit training is all about counting and increasing the repetitions. If you think, 20 reps in each set of sit-ups are more than enough then you are wrong. People who have excelled the skill in CrossFit training can go up to 100 to 200 reps in each set of sit-ups. Super-set is more of a challenge than fun for beginners. You need to perform one set of 4 exercises one after another without stopping. Each set has different numbers of repetitions and you need to count them properly before finishing it. On completing one such set, you need to perform another two sets of these exercises. This workout pattern is called super-set.

Increase in Stamina and Endurance

CrossFit training is effective enough to enhance your stamina and endurance levels. You will start respecting this form of workout for the good it serves to your body. We often think that strength means how much can we lift but the true meaning of strength is something different. You will be amazed by the idea of stamina CrossFit boosts in you. It strengthens your lower back and quads. You can perform various squats without any hesitation. Moreover, you can plank more than 3 to 5 minutes due to CrossFit training.

Weight Gain

This is the trickiest part of CrossFit training process. The first couple of months will lead you to some great weight gain. Don’t be bothered much with this as it is temporary. As your untrained muscles are being trained, you will experience some weight gain. It is not that you are gaining fat and because of that, your weight is increasing. As your muscles are being trained, your body is gaining mass. As a result, you are experiencing weight gain.

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The Rise in Energy Levels

You will see a steady rise in your energy levels as soon as you get into this form of exercise regimen. This rise in energy is boosted by the fact, that your body contains little fat. This, in turn, helps you to feel free and breathe more. Your cardiovascular and pulmonary system needs to work less as the fat content your body is pretty low. As a result, you feel more confident, happy and energetic. Where your colleagues need to take a break at work, you might just be doing fine with loads of energy-packed around you.

Mental Weaknesses

Our body drives our mind and the mind fuels our body. Either way, it is a give and takes policy. This constant dealing between the body and the mind keeps us moving. For instance, when your body is filled with energy and stamina, your mind will work efficiently. On the contrary, if your body tends to give up, the mind cannot drag it to work more. If you feel like you need to check what exercises are allotted for the day then you might not be motivated enough to work out. Motivation comes from within, which is fueled by both the body and mind. Your mental weaknesses can weaken your body as well.

In fact, exercise is the best way to keep moving and staying motivated for day to day work. Take an example of a person who doesn’t work out at all compared to a person who performs 1 hour of CrossFit daily. Both of them work at the same office for the same hours but the second person is happier, satisfied with his work and he is at peace. This is a very common issue and arises mostly because of mental weaknesses. CrossFit teaches you to keep on trying until you achieve it which helps you fight real-life situations as well.

With all these goodness, if you want to feel the same then start your CrossFit routine soon. You can join a gym or follow instructions available on the internet to shape your body in a better way.

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