All About Stubborn Belly Fat | 3 Simple Beginners Exercises To Get Slimmer Waistline

All About Stubborn Belly Fat | 3 Simple Beginners Exercises To Get Slimmer Waistline crunches

Are you someone having second thoughts on buying a dress because of the stubborn belly fat? Or ain’t able to fit into old denim because of the waistline?

Its high time to decide for yourself whether you want to keep compromising, grumping, complaining, pitying yourself?

Or you wanna do something for yourself? As women will climb mountains of difficulties for their near and dear ones, but they hardly take care of themselves.

And more than in men the problem of belly fat starts at an early stage for women, especially after pregnancy or similar cases. Also, there are many other reasons like genetics, hormonal changes, poor posture, sedentary life, overeating, improper sleep,

Another reason is the difference in metabolism rates between in men and women. Studies show in many cases the self-confidence of such women is affected at a later stage.

Also, it’s not about just the physical looks, once the belly fat starts accumulating it’s an invitation for all diseases and problems, the health starts to deteriorate.

Taking care of family, the kids is the best feeling, but to all my superwomen there, you also should not ignore or neglect yourself in the process.

What are the common mistakes that women do?

I Routine:

Yes, you heard it right.

The first step towards the change should be a change in routine.

From the morning you have a list of chores to complete in the entire day, now create a

“Time To Myself” period from the whole day and be true to yourself and follow it honestly.

Don’t let anything to come to you during that hour. Morning hours will be the best for a kick start workout, and that will keep you energized during the whole day.

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II Diets:

If one thinks to reduce belly fat through just diets, then they are highly mistaken because it’s the first place where fat accumulates quickly and burns off in the last.

Hence, what required is physical training, may not be hardcore but diets and cardio go hand in hand.

Some diet tips:

  1. Never to have a big glass of juice in the morning as many of them feel it’s the most appropriate choice of breakfast but it increases blood sugar and so the body will produce more insulin, and it will make you more hungry in coming hours.
  2. How many calories should I eat to lose weight, research on everything before experimenting on yourself as it may have different effects for all?
  3. So it’s advisable to take advice from the trainer, doctors, dietitians.
  4. Never to crave for empty calories, as though your count won’t be affected but such calories ain’t beneficial to our body.

 III Weight Lifting:

This is the last thing that women think about… But isn’t this mindset wrong that only men do weight lifting as it just builds up muscles, and women don’t need it.

Haven’t you heard, “You Lose Weight in the Kitchen, You Gain Health in the Gym.”

For maintaining the weight loss, physical training is required. There’s nothing to fear it’s just new concept and it’s never late to start. Zip up your gym bags, tie up your shoelaces, and hit the gym now.

Some Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat:

Fat will be accumulated more near the belly areas the muscles there ain’t tight.

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To make them tight and to be fit start doing the below exercises daily.

Remember consistency leads to success!

Also, not to make an excuse of physical training and indulge into more eating as then all the sweat of yours will go in vain.

  1. Crunches:

There can’t be any exercise better than crunches that one can think of to reduce belly fat than crunches. It will help you to burn stomach fat quickly, and if this exercise goes hand in hand with a balanced diet intake, then you can see fast and quick results.

  1.   Stomach Vacuum:

All About Stubborn Belly Fat | 3 Simple Beginners Exercises To Get Slimmer Waistline vacuum

For a person new to the exercise regime should start with such simple yet effective exercises, as they are low impact exercises, as straining body more than it’s ability will lead to other bodily pain issues and this exercise focuses majorly on breathing.

  1. Lunge with Twist:

 All About Stubborn Belly Fat | 3 Simple Beginners Exercises To Get Slimmer Waistline ball lunges

The lunge with twist exercise is a great exercise for melting fat surrounding the waistline, also builds balance and strength of lower body.

While doing this exercise and in the process of holding a ball from right to left engages the quads, glutes, and core and creates pressure on the accumulated fat near the stomach.

Very few know that this exercise can also be used for a warm-up to get blood flow to many muscles at a time.

It’s being rightly said,”The best project you will ever work on is YOU”, so put all your efforts and don’t look back unless you achieve the desired results as you will have to make fat surrender to you!

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