Choosing the Right Clothing for Children with Atopic Dermatitis

Choosing the Right Clothing for Children with Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is also known as atopic eczema. It is the most common type of eczema and results in cracked, red, itchy or dry skin. Although the condition is most commonly experienced by children, it can also affect people for the first time during adulthood. It can disappear later in childhood but can also be a lifelong condition.

Choose clothing wisely

Many parents take great care when buying clothes for children living with this condition. By choosing specific fabrics and clothing, you can take steps to prevent or reduce eczema flare-ups and skin irritation. Many children with eczema experience substantial discomfort when wearing fabrics including polyester and wool. Synthetic fabrics, rough linen and hemp can also cause considerable irritation.

Shop wisely

Fine linen is normally a good option for children with eczema, with some kids faring better with denim and leather than others. The best fabrics and garments for children that suffer from eczema tend to be cotton, silk with the Sericin removed and scratch mitts by ScratchSleeves which is baby-safe, toddler-proof and designed to bring you and your child’s suffering to an end. ScratchSleeves’ clothing can protect the skin whilst allowing full movement, allow the skin to heal, reduce infection and irritation and are machine-washable.

It’s also recommended that you opt for loose-fitting garments when purchasing clothes for your children. It is possible to buy many silk garments that have been specially treated to eliminate Sericin. This is a substance normally used to hold the material together, but it can be very irritating to those living with sensitive skin.

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What are ‘functional textiles’?

A number of manufacturers have produced what is known as ‘functional textiles’ to help parents prevent flare-ups. These are manufactured from various antimicrobial materials, and it’s also possible to purchase special oil-treated fabrics to boost levels of moisture in the skin. Make sure any product that you buy is marked as safe for children as oil, silver, and zinc can be absorbed via the skin.

How can I identify the signs?

If your child or children are very young, they may not be able to tell you if they are experiencing problems due to clothing. However, you can look out for signs that certain garments are causing them issues, such as pulling on the fabric. 100% cotton garments are highly recommended for children with atopic eczema, and you can also buy clothes that are free of seams and tags to help them avoid irritation. It may well be best to prioritize comfort over style when clothing a child with atopic eczema.

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