How Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Ease Sore Muscles

How Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Ease Sore Muscles

What suits you better? Is it massage therapy or chiropractic? Or what about if you give both a try? Combining two or more methods to treat sore muscles just like in any other medical ailments generally speeds up your recovery time. A Recent poll by Back and Body NYC has shown majority are using both muscle therapy and chiropractic for joint and back pain, depression and even prostrate problems.   

When combined, chiropractic sessions and massage therapy improve mobility by reducing aches. Together, they facilitate a more effective and complete system of good health care. Whether you need to align your spine or treat back pain, contact Back and Body NYC who are just a call away and ready to listen to you. Let’s take a look at how Chiropractic sessions and massage therapy ease sore muscles.    

Chiropractic treatment, how it works.

It heavily focuses on vertebral adjustment and subluxation. Subluxation is a medical term referring to a joint that has lost a degree of movement or has an abnormal muscle putting stress or pulling on either side. This normally hinders the neurological function of the nerve/muscle making movements difficult and painful. The treatment involves firm but the gradual application of pressure to the affected area of subluxation or the joints being corrected.

The pressure stimulates the surrounding muscles restoring their ability to respond well to the nervous system. Chiropractors have been known to include other palliative therapies during this treatment especially when a patient is experiencing acute pain sessions. They may include electric, ice, heat ultra-sound cold laser or mechanical traction to pump energy and life into the muscles, which eases the pain.     

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Another technique that chiropractors apply is manual therapy. This is different from massage therapy as they only concentrate on the trigger point, where they localize on one portion of the affected muscle. They stimulate the muscle using ischemic compression waves to restore its function. This compression is designed to bring the muscle into its original or normal plane of motion, releasing pressure, restriction or tightness.    

Massage therapy, how it works. 

Massage therapy is an intentional, caring and safe touch aimed to bring relaxation. When applied appropriately, it brings a predictable mechanical response of the body which increases lymph and blood circulation. This speeds up the healing of worn out connective muscles, tissues, tendons and normalization of soft ligaments which are prone to damage. When muscles are relaxed, the painful spasms and contractions are reduced and when carried on regular intervals, massage therapy has been known to cause complete recovery.     

Can they work together? 

Absolutely yes! In conjunction, chiropractic and Massage therapy are used to correct nervous system, muscle-tension, joint mobility, fascia, and torn ligaments. The best way to combine the two is, get a massage therapy one hour prior to en-backing on your chiropractic adjustment. This will allow your muscles to be relaxed and the joint mobility will be freer. Due to their relaxation properties, when combined they help you recover from stress, either physical or emotional. Consult your chiropractor and massage therapist regularly in order to reap benefits from both.     


Prior to any decisions, consult a chiropractor and a massage therapist to see what program suits you well. The massage and chiropractic sessions not only bring healing to the skin, bone, and muscles but internal organs as well. Ideally, they are pathways and when you are stressed, they too are and when you are relaxed they to experience the healing power!

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