Dance Mirrors – How to Get the Best Ones for Your Studio?

Dancing is an activity that is loved by millions of people. It has been conventionally known to help in relieving stress. Most people also take dancing as a profession, and they require a lot of time dancing. When dancing the dancers may have instructors or may do it alone. It also depends on their level of skill or professionalism. Dancing studios are installed with mirrors for some purposes. Many individuals still ask why there are mirrors in dances studios. Perhaps they believe in more self-confidence when dancing than they believe in using mirrors.  However, there is also a group of people who cannot dance without mirrors in a studio. Due to the advancement of technology, different types of mirrors are used in a dance studio so that the users can dance in a comfortable environment.

Why Should There Be Mirrors In Dance Studios

Having a well-furnished dance studio should be prioritized at all times.  Dancers prefer comfortable environments where they can engage in dancing without interference. But why should mirrors always be present?

They Allow The Dancers To Observe Their Movements

When learning new dances or perfecting a dance move, it is always advisable to have someone observing the dancer. This is to ensure that they are doing the right thing with their bodies. Every dance style requires either movement of body parts or the whole body. Most of the times, however, there would be no individual available to observe the dancer practicing so that they can identify the mistakes they are doing. Having a large dance wall mirror within a dance studio can be helpful for the dancers to observe their movements for every dance move they engage in. Ideally, standing in front of the mirror is advisable so that the dancer can directly observe what they are doing. During the dancing, they can observe mistakes they do on the dance floor and correct them instantly.  Without dance mirrors within the studios, it would be challenging for the dancers to identify their mistakes when dancing. As a result, there would be no progress in developing their dancing skills and techniques.

Assists The Instructors

When the dance instructors are giving instructions to the dancers, they are required to be in similar positions to avoid confusion. Imagine the dance instructor and the students facing each other. There would be a confusion of the right and the left sides of the body. To avoid these, dance studio mirrors are fundamental to create accuracy and flow during dancing. The instructor only needs to face the mirror, and she can observe the students from the mirror as she gives them directions. In addition to this, it gives the instructor the opportunity to instantly identify mistakes that are committed by the learners as she gives instructions. Correcting the mistakes instantly helps in positively progressing into a particular dance lesson.  Not having mirrors would derail the learning progress in the long run.

Creates An Illusion Of More Space

Space in a dance studio is a crucial element that should always be considered. Mirrors are known to be useful in creating an illusion of more space available within a confined space. When dance studio mirrors are installed within a dancing space, an illusion of more space is created. This allows the dancers and the instructors to practice in a comfortable space that does not appear to be limited. Interior designers or dance studio owners should understand this concept so that they identify the most appropriate position to place the mirrors. Setting them in the wrong position may not achieve the expected outcome in the long run.

What To Consider Before Installing The Dance Studio Mirrors

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It is always challenging for dance studio owners to select the best mirrors for their walls. Having the best mirrors attracts more dancers as they feel comfortable doing their practice in an environment that offers them what they need. A dance mirror should be well installed and allows the dancers to do their activities without any interference. Here are the basic factors to consider before installing mirrors within the dance studio.

The Size Of The Mirror Required

In most studios, dance mirrors cover at least three-quarters of the walls. This is dependent on the height of the ceiling. The essence of installing large wall mirrors within dance studios is to allow the dancers enough space to view their body movements. When they are connected from the ground level to about three-quarters of the wall up, the dancers have enough space to view their body movements without any interference. However, there are also others that only place the mirrors strategically on the wall such that the legs of the dancers are not visible. The Studio owners should consider these factors before deciding on the appropriate dace mirrors they should install. If the dancers are mostly involved in footwork, it would be essential to install mirrors from the ground level. The dancers would view their footwork comfortably.

Availability Of The Mirrors

Most of the time, it may be required that the large wall mirrors should be installed according to the recommendations of the interior designers. However, depending on the location of the dance studio, large wall mirrors may not be available. However, there are options which include installing several smaller dance studio mirrors to cover a larger part of the wall. The studio owner should be creative when utilizing the available mirrors within the studio. If installing alone without help, they should be concerned about their safety.

The Method Of Installation

The method of installation of glass mirrors is dependent on the ownership of the studio space. Two methods of installation are commonly used depending on the choice of the owners. Ideally, the adhesive and the brackets installations are popular when installing dance studio mirrors. Before purchasing the mirrors, the studio owner needs to consider the best method to be used between the two.  Using the adhesive method or installing dance studio mirrors would be more recommended. This eliminated the need to use brackets which may protrude from the wall and cause injury to dancers. With the adhesive installation, the mirror is tightly and permanently glued onto the wall. There is no risk of causing harm to dancers unless it is not correctly fixed. However, this method of adhesives may also damage the walls in case the mirrors need to be removed from the walls.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Dance Studio Mirrors

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Dance studio mirrors can be purchased from suppliers specialized in dance mirrors or other mirror suppliers who are reliable. Researching the most reliable suppliers around your studio can also be an added advantage. It is helpful in making decisions on the most trendy and appropriate dance mirrors. Fab Glass and Mirror is the best online store for buying dance mirrors.

The Quality Of The Mirrors

Quality of the mirrors is measured with its ability to withstand scratch and its reflection quality. Having a mirror that has a good reflection capability is more comfortable for dancers. Dancers want to see clear images of them doing what they love doing. The dance studio owners should consider having the best quality of mirrors so that they can provide the best services to their customers. To check on the reflection capabilities, the studio owners are required to ensure they visit the suppliers and verify. However, the more the quality of the mirrors, the higher the costs.

The Available Budget

There is always the aspect of budgeting when purchasing new equipment for a dance studio among other things. A challenge that arises mostly is the inability of the homeowners or studio owners to choose the best quality within a tight budget. Consulting with interior designers to identify affordable mirrors within a tight budget is always recommended.  Having the right measurements and designs would help in making a decision on the most suitable mirror to be installed in the studio.

Safety Of The Mirror

Thin mirrors are known to be at risk of breaking when stressed. Studio mirrors are constantly exposed to the risk of being damaged by the dancers during their routine activities. The dance instructors, however, are required to ensure that their students are not too close to the mirrors for their safety. However, to minimize the chances of injuries during accidents, the mirror selected should be safe to be installed within a studio. Tempered mirrors which can withstand large forces should be used. If the budget available does not allow the purchase of tempered mirrors, the using thicker mirrors would be the best alternative.

Basic Secrets About Studio Mirrors

During installation, the dance studio owners should ensure that there is enough light reflecting on the mirrors. This is useful in making clear reflections which are required by the dancers. Additionally, maintaining the mirrors within a dance studio requires regular cleaning. Stronger cleaning agents and wire brushes should be avoided when removing hard stains as they may scratch or completely damage eh mirrors. To maintain them in pristine conditions, soft materials should be used to wipe out the dirt. Also, they should be wiped when there is no activity within the studio to allow enough time to dry out.

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