With Baby And Want CBD? Here’s What You Need To Know About Using CBD During Pregnancy

With Baby And Want CBD? Here's What You Need To Know About Using CBD During Pregnancy

Wellness junkies are obsessed with CBD — and for good reason. The compound is linked to an enormous number of health benefits.

But what about CBD during pregnancy? Expectant mothers need to be extra careful with what they put in their bodies.

Keep reading for your quick guide to this ancient remedy.

What Is CBD?

Cannabis is a type of plant that originated in Asia but grows all over the world. Marijuana is the flower of the plant, that is often smoked or otherwise consumed for its intoxicating effects. Hemp is a fiber product derived from the stalk of the plant.

There are different types of cannabis plants. All cannabis produce substances called cannabinoids in the interior cells of the plants. However, different types of cannabis plant produce these cannabinoids in different ratios.


THC is the cannabinoid usually associated with “getting high.” Synthetic THC is even used to treat pain and is a controlled substance you need a prescription from a doctor to get.

It’s important to understand that THC is very different from the product called CBD. Many pregnant women are using high-quality CBD oil they get from a reputable dealer like Wellspring CBD.


Cannabidiol or CBD is the most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, by weight. It’s found in the stalk, roots, and flower of the plant.

CDB has almost no psychoactive properties. In other words, CBD doesn’t make you “stoned.”

The effects of CBD are very mild and have been proven safe. Humans have consumed cannabis extracts very high in CBD for tens of thousands of years! Unrefined cannabis extract has been described in ancient texts from China and Egypt going back 5000 years.

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In all that time, not a single person has died from a cannabis overdose. That’s pretty strong since we know that some people have overdosed and died from drinking water or from getting too much sunshine. CBD is safer than water and the sun, and it is 100% legal everywhere.

CBD During Pregnancy

There is very little scientific evidence regarding the use of CBD during pregnancy. However, that has to be understood in the context of political prohibition.

CBD oil and pregnancy hasn’t been studied because there is hardly any cannabis-related medical information available. People have been consuming CBD while pregnant for thousands of years, and there are no known side effects.

You should consult your doctor if you are going to use CBD oil when pregnant. But then again, you should talk to your doctor about everything you put in your body while pregnant.

CBD oil can be thought of as healthy vegetable oil in the context of diet and nutrition.

Morning sickness is a common symptom during pregnancy. Man people use CBD oil for nausea safely and effectively.

Health Is a Journey

If you choose to use CBD during pregnancy, you’ll be in the company of millions of women throughout history who have used this healthy oil for centuries. CBD oil during pregnancy has no known negative side effects. It’s a safe option that can provide all kinds of health benefits.

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