How to Exercise on the Ketogenic Diet

How to Exercise on the Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet’s primary focus and mantra are based on what you eat. Diet is a significant determinant for weight loss and fitness. The highest service you can do for yourself during this journey is to pay more attention to what you consume more than anything else.

In spite of this, exercise and body exertion is essential in people’s lives, which come with a lot of health benefits as well. This means that you can safely make it part of your daily routine, and you do not have to ignore it wholly. Physical exercises are good at improving blood circulation and ensuring a healthy heart. You can benefit from exceptional muscle tone, as well as healthy bones and body posture.

The good news is that you can easily combine ketosis diet and workouts without any glitches. Issues arise during the first stages of a ketogenic diet, as you could not be feeling so great and enthusiastic after all. It has to do with adjustments you make to your food. Reduction in carb consumption means that the energy levels dip considerably, and the fuel you get is coming from the body that you want to exert, and it can be quite unappealing.

The mental fog, however, fades just after a few days, and you can embark on safe workouts. A key recommendation from Konscious Keto is for regular and careful the exercises at this initial stage.

How to exercise on a ketogenic diet

Keep to the basics

During the first weeks of adaptation to the keto diet, it helps to go slow and gradual on any workouts. The reason is that you are still vulnerable from the drastic change in diet. You are not exactly in the best of moods and psyche. Even if you feel like working out, it’s advisable to go just with basics, and not to try out anything new, and it also lets you know if the keto is working as required, or if you need to add other variables such as workouts at a later period.

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Give your body enough energy

Sufficient calorie intake is an important consideration, given that people who have just started on the ketogenic diet incline to eat less food than recommended. So go out of your way to ensure that you are eating enough calories to give the amount of energy that helps you to undertake any approved type of workout. The consequence of suppressing your appetite is that you remain weak with less calorie intake, which is not good if you are exercising as well.

If your calorie intake remains restricted, energy levels are also down, and there is a tendency to feel unmotivated when it comes to working out. This fragile state affects your overall performance at all levels.

Combine different kinds of exercises

Most people swear by the keto diet as they can maintain a range of exercise without negative consequences. As a recommendation from Perfect Keto, you can combine and pool together, cardio, flexibility and stability activities to achieve desirable results.

In a perfect scenario, cardio which involves such intensity workouts like aerobics can be done in their low-intensity form. These remain ideal and favorable for the keto dieters — the process places in you in an active fat-burning state. High-intensity cardio is not recommended in this case, as it requires lots of energy in the form of carbohydrates, of which you’re not consuming at this juncture.

When it comes to flexibility workouts, such stretchy exercises as yoga fall in this bracket. The greatest thing about these kinds of activities is that you are enabled to stretch your muscles comfortably. They are useful in increasing your motion and range and promoting overall body, joint, and bone stability. The advantage of any gained flexibility level is that you easily recover quickly from any sustained injury.

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Eat enough healthy fats

Healthy fat consumption in reasonable amounts is what works better whenever you are on a keto diet. Fat comes with plenty of health benefits, and it works to suppress your hunger pangs. Moreover, fats are functioning to ensure proper performance during any workouts.

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You must remember that going low on healthy fats leaves you not only quite hungry all the time, but you could suffer from muscle loss and deterioration. It also becomes almost impossible to maintain the right muscle tone.

According to, fat compensates for lack of carbohydrates, so if you do not consume the required amounts, you’re likely to stay both weak and tired most of the times. The fragile state then prevents you from getting into ketosis.

Once you are aware of the importance of healthy fats in exercise, you won’t want to miss out on your calorie intake. The healthy fats are found from sources of fat and in foods such as avocado, organic meats, fish and coconut, and olive oils.

Go for moderate-intensity workouts

Unlike high-intensity exercises, moderate-intensity workouts are also favorable when you are on the keto diet. Workouts like CrossFit are useful and always ideal in elevating the body’s fat-burning capabilities. Combined with low intensity, these kinds of exercises help to improve the overall body composition while offering both stability and flexibility.


Ketogenic diet in itself remains a useful tool by which to shed large amounts of weight and maintain that which is recommended. But the body functions even better when exerted and stretched. However, while on the ketogenic diet, you must always be careful about how far you can go, and with which kind of workouts you can safely engage. The truth is that at this juncture, just low intensity and moderate intensity are recommended.

Still, enough food consumption is vital in taking part in workouts and ensuring excellent performance. Ensure that you consume enough calories and enough healthy fats help you to work out without feeling weak and tired. In the meantime, you remain in perfect shape with lean and toned muscles with low-intensity cardio and flexibility workouts such as yoga and aerobics.

If you want to know more about the kind of exercises to engage in safely while on the ketogenic diet, visit Konscious Keto.

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