Crucial Reminders for Kids to Keep Them Protected

Crucial Reminders for Kids to Keep Them Protected

You might worry about your kids when they leave home in the morning for school since you can’t be there all the time to check on them. You also have work to think about, and you worry that they might be at risk.

The best thing to do is to remind them each day before they leave home about how they can protect themselves, and what to do during specific situations. You also need to tell them about what they have in their bags that they can use for protection.

Let them memorise your phone number

If ever they get lost, or they need you, but they still don’t have phones, you need to let them memorise your phone number. It is easy for them to contact you during emergencies if they have the number in their head. 

Remind them about not going out with strangers

It is crucial to remind kids not to go with strangers even if they pretend to be someone they know. If you are picking them up in the afternoon, tell them not to go out until you arrive. The school also has the policy to keep children safe while waiting for parents to come.

Tell them about what they have for lunch

Sometimes, kids forget what they have in their bags for lunch. They end up buying food from the canteen even when they don’t need to. They could have a lot of unhealthy snacks during the day. When you let them bring food, you can control what they eat, and you can make sure they only eat healthy dishes. You can plan the meal with them, so they don’t have an excuse that they did not like their food.

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Remind them of their allergies and health risks

Kids don’t understand the risks well at their age. Some of them might do things even if they are bad for their health or safety. Therefore, you need to remind the teachers about health risks. If possible, tell your child about these risks too. The teachers won’t be there all the time to look after them. It helps if they know what could be harmful to them like foods that they are allergic to, or physical activities.

Tell them to keep EMF devices close to them always

Your kids might reach an age where you can allow them to use mobile devices. They can play games and learn to use these devices. Therefore, it does not make sense if you keep them from using their phones. The best thing to do is to buy an EMF or Electromagnetic Field protection device. Phones cause radiation, and kids are vulnerable to it. Their bodies are still developing, and they don’t have a robust immune system to combat the effects of radiation.

You can buy EMF protection at . Kids can wear them as accessories or can put them inside their bags or pockets.

You want your kids to be safe at all times and you need to do whatever it takes for that to happen.


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