How to grow taller

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Diet, exercise, sleeping patterns, and other factors play an important part in determining how tall you’ll grow. While your height is mostly dependent on your individual family genes, everyday lifestyle changes made to the above three factors can positively affect your height.

You can add a few extra inches to your height as long as your growth plates are still open. This can only be done before you turn twenty years old. After that, most of your height will remain the same for the rest of your life.  To get a better understanding of this, view this page

While it is very difficult to add in extra inches using methods discussed below, these can still help you reach your maximum height potential by making sure your height does not stop while you are still growing. Several decisions you make throughout your life can and will stunt your growth, most of these are related to diet and exercise. Today we will discuss how nutrition positively affects your height and other bodily functions.

Vitamins and minerals play an important part in enabling your body to grow to its full height. Ensuring that you get all the vital minerals and vitamins through your diet will give you extra inches in your height. It is possible to increase vitamin and mineral intake by adding a supplement to your diet. Here are specific suggestions to help you absorb more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the things you eat.

Carbs and Calories – Make sure you are meeting your daily carbohydrates and calory intake recommendations according to your age. Your body needs all the energy it can get to fully grow, and only carbs and enough calories can provide that energy.

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Calcium – Calcium promotes bone growth which is very important for height. It can be obtained through green vegetables and most dairy products. 

Niacin – This vital nutrient directly increases your growth hormone levels when you take it in supplement form before your breakfast. Consider adding at least 500 mg of Niacin to your diet every day.

Vitamin D – Deficiency of vitamin D leads to stunted growth. It also leads to weight gain in girls. Plenty of Vitamin D not only adds extra inches to your height by strengthening your bones and muscles, but it also ensures you have plenty of energy. This vitamin is found in fish, mushrooms, or in direct sunlight.

Lean protein – Eating lots of lean protein acquired from eggs, meat, cheese, beans, seeds or lentils provide your body with the essential building blocks necessary to grow. At least two of your meals should contain high-quality lean protein for best results. You can increase your protein intake by consuming protein supplements as well.

Zinc – Zinc is proven to stunt growth in children. Make sure your child or teenager gets plenty of zinc through peanuts, eggs, oysters, asparagus, peas, and chocolate. Zinc supplements are also recommended if a deficiency is found.

Eating these vital vitamins and minerals will not only keep you healthy throughout the day but will also ensure that your height never stops while you are in your growth phase. 

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