Energy Medicine Is A Form Of Alternative Medicine That Can Cure Chronic Pain

Energy Medicine Is A Form Of Alternative Medicine That Can Cure Chronic Pain

People are constantly seeking new ways of maintaining their bodies and eliminating all diseases and illnesses. Though allopathic medicines are in wide use, there is an awareness that alternative methods and medicinal techniques are available that have fewer side effects that allopathy has been known to bring. Among these is energy medicine, that has been used in traditional medical practice over the centuries.

Traditional Chinese medical systems and Ayurveda, a system of medicine practiced in India for centuries, always believed that it was the energy flows in the body that was responsible for its health and life. It was believed that diseases and dysfunction of bodily systems were a result of blockages in the energy system or an imbalance in their flows. These medical systems believed that once the blockages are removed and the energy flow is balanced and harmonious, good health is a consequence.

This life-force energy called variously as prana, chi, ki or bio-energy, needs to flow properly through the body and mind of a person to maintain good health. Every alternate medicine system that is based on energy has a goal of reestablishing the energy flow after removing all blockages, through the use of prayers, herbs, dietary means, rituals, and other techniques. Bodywork techniques can include acupuncture, shiatsu, and massage. Cleansing techniques can include purging, fasting and sweating induced in various ways. Reiki, Quantum touch, Homeopathy, Chiropractic care, and foot reflexology are the other techniques in use. The object of all these techniques is to keep the life-force energy moving in its proper place at all times, through regular sessions. Chronic conditions and pain, are known to respond to energy medicine technology.

The application of electromagnetic energy has been known to control, trigger or bring about biological changes. This change depends on the duration of exposure and the frequency and strength of the electromagnetic fields, and the bodily condition of the patient undergoing this form of energy medicine. This is a form of medicine that is non-invasive, cheap, quick and harmless. Syntonics is another form of energy medicine that uses light for its healing processes.

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The technique that is right for your particular state of health can depend on your own convictions and confidence in the person or system of medicine. All these alternative forms of energy medicine require their use on a regular basis, and some discipline in your lifestyle to follow any restrictions or diet that you are required to follow. Energy medicine can also be used as preventive medicine that keeps the energy flow in peak condition and ensures continuing good health. Exercise is a very important part of this form of treatment and is one that keeps the cardiovascular system in shape.

Energy medicine also uses a number of diagnostic tools to help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Photographic imaging, Kirlian camera equipment, electro-phonic aura imaging devices, poly-interference photography, and other bioimaging devices that give advanced feedback of the state of the body are used. Most of these devices measure the various electrical outputs from various parts of the body or use the different frequencies emitted by the energy system in the body to create the required images. These technologies are an affirmation of the presence of energy in the human body. Earlier Chinese physicians used their knowledge of energy channels and grouping, while Ayurveda practitioners relied on a system of “chakras” or energy centers in the spine. Western science has given credence to these theories of chakras, by identifying an electrical axis that runs along the spinal column and which has been detected in the development of embryos prior to the formation of the heart, brain, spine and other vessels. Western researchers have also concluded that any physical symptoms that lead to dysfunction in the human body have led to changes in the energy systems of individuals, and have been detected weeks and months in advance of the actual problem in health.

Symptoms of any physical disease are preceded by a disharmony in the body’s energy systems, and this leads to the conclusion that the disease can be prevented if the energy system is restored to its proper balance and harmony. This energy system is dynamic and highly complex and has been known to be affected by traumatic events, past experiences, and relationships. It is also affected by diet, lifestyles, environments and spiritual health. The function and health of the body’s energy system can be changed by paying the right attention to all these factors that affect it. 

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Adopting and getting used to these changes is difficult, and it must be understood that our thoughts and way of thinking can have their own repercussions on the energy system in our bodies, and create imbalances that can lead to health problems. Negative thoughts can lead to energy imbalances that then lead to some diseases in the physical parts of the body. People are often at the mercy of their lifestyle, their state of mind and emotions and all of these can have an effect on the energy systems, whose harmony and perfect balance are a must for good health. Change in thought patterns and recovering from traumatic events and the permanent adoption of the proper lifestyles requires is not easy, and present environmental conditions that include a lot of pollution have led to greater problems.

Western medicine systems are slowly studying these energy systems and this has led to a greater acceptance of this alternative system of medicine. A duct-like system of a very small diameter has been detected in the body that has a high concentration of biochemicals and hormones and this closely mirrors the meridians that are a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Energy has a patterning nature similar to our thoughts, and on an average, a person has 60,000 thoughts a day, many of these repetitive. A negative thought is often repeated 400 times in a day and can affect behavior, lifestyle, eating, digestion and others, all of which can have an effect on the energy system and hence the health of the person.

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