5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Have a Face Tattoo

5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Have a Face Tattoo

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Face tattoo has been an extremely delicate topic since having tattoos in highly visible areas, especially the face, were considered the extreme in body art, at least in Western culture. Face tattoo is almost considered a taboo since the face is a sacrosanct, even to the tattoo aficionados— it is a canvas of last resort when the rest of the body was covered.

Well, face tattoo can be seen negatively, such as “ruining the beauty of someone’s appearance” — which of course, is not always true. When a tattoo is correctly done it can even enhance the beauty of one’s appearance in their own way. However, when having a tattoo that is difficult to hide and can be visibly seen, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Lowered Employment Prospects

Have you seen someone in any offices or business that have face tattoos or are visible to the other people? Guess not. Having visible tattoos greatly affects your future employment, and is extremely detrimental to your employment prospects, especially for any kind of decent paying white-collar or customer facing work.

As an employee, you act in the face of the company you are currently working in, and most corporations will avoid individuals that have lots of visible tattoos. 31% of employers say that visible tattoos are the top personal attribute that will make them less likely to employ a candidate, found by a survey from Career Builder, a recruitment and job site.

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Public Perception of Criminality Risk

Many have testified that having face tattoo designs scares people. A testimony by Foley, who has head and neck tattoos “People will start treating you differently once you become a heavily tattooed person” Even potential employers, law enforcement and even landlords can look at you with suspicion due to facial tats, in her experience.

The association between tattoos and jailed convicts might also be one of the reasons why the public can judgingly perceive you for criminality. The percentages of prisoners who have few tattoos are substantially higher than the general population in any country; tattoos are also empirically associated with deviance, personality disorders, and criminality.

Social Ostracism

The modern-day society has somewhat accepted tattoos but it is still far off for face tattoo designs.  In May, a journal has released a poll that found 40% of Americans have someone in their household with a tattoo, up from 21% from 15 years ago. Alivia Foley, a 24-year old tattoo stated that “Tattoos are getting more and more accepted,” and added, “But we’re not there yet.”

Society’s perception of tattoos has achieved a relatively modest degree of social acceptance in the 21st century west. However, the Easterners continue to look upon the bearer of exposed tattoos as low-rent, deviant, and often criminal since they highly value all forms of respect, including self-respect.

Extra Care

Dr. Marchbein has stated that tattoos create thousands of microscopic holes in the skin in order to deposit the tattoo pigment which is why it is necessary to clean it constantly and religiously since having a tattoo is basically having fresh wounds that would invite various skin infections. Additionally, it is a top priority to use sunscreens and keeping your skin moisturized to avoid complications.

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Be Sure You Want It

Dr. Sachdev, a dermatologist said that before you get a tattoo, you must think twice about whether you really want it. This is because several people get drunk, get a tattoo and regret it in the morning. While some people regret their tattoos five or ten years down the line due to some circumstances.


There may be negative effects of having a face tattoo, but what’s important is knowing that you are satisfied and happy with having one. Tattoos have become a way to make a personal statement, however, you also need to be ready money and responsibility-wise of having one.

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