Ditch Cholesterol for a Healthy Life

Ditch Cholesterol for a Healthy Life

In our day to day hectic schedule it has become very intricating to maintain a balance between a healthy life and a wealthy life. In order to spare more time for work or may be out of choice taking into account that it is way more tastier than healthy food, we are kind of falling for unhealthy junk food like Chicken, Egg Yolk, Red Meat, Cheese Burgerl Macroni, bit by bit. Without realizing the fact that it is doing no good to our body, rather it is affecting us adversely.

As an old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” In quintessence, what is consumed by you in the form of food is directly proportional to how your body is like. Your food is being used in the production and replacement of body cells and hormones. Consequently, unhealthy, fatty or foods high in cholesterol would lead to an unhealthy life. Fat as well as cholesterol is certainly going to harm your body in the long run.

Your liver, in point of fact, involuntarily produces enough cholesterol that we need not source it from any food or add it to your daily meal like in the case of protein and carbohydrates.

As a piece of evidence, consumption of fried chicken/red meat or for that matter anything fried on a regular basis is going to harm your body in a way or two.

Cholesterol is of two types:

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is the harmful cholesterol, which has unfavorably affected on the body.

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is good for health and helps in transporting surplus cholesterol out of your arteries to your liver and further confiscate it from your body.

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III-Effects of of Consuming Foods High In Cholesterol:

Apart from heart disease, high cholesterol amplifies your possibility of falling prey for other disease depending upon the blood vessel which has been blocked. Few of the diseases that might crop up are as follows:

Coronary heart disease:

The coronary heart disease is probably the most risky disease caused due to high cholesterol. The high amount of cholesterol built up on the walls of your arteries and gradually the artery contracts, consequently the blood vessels reduces the reach of blood to the heart and this results in cardiac arrest.

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD):

Basically, Peripheral Arterial Disease refers to the syndrome of blood vessel occurring outside the heart and brain. In this disease, fatty deposits accumulated along the walls of the arteries, which affects blood circulation, primarily in arteries of the legs and feet or Kidney.

High blood pressure:

Hypertension and High cholesterol are correlated.

It is, mainly the outcome of narrowed arteries owing cholesterol plaque due to which the heart has to struggle harder to release blood to the arteries leading to High Blood Pressure.

Things to Avoid:

The most quitenssial thing while following your diet is to stay away from fried food, and foods high in cholesterol. For your consideration, we have enlisted the food which shall clearly be avoided in order to lead a healthy life:

  • Say no to Red Meat:

Red meat is the highest source of cholesterol and which leads to deteriorating your cholesterol rate to a great extent.

  • Hamburger:
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Things like Hamburger and cheese burgers adversely affect your body since it contains around 100 mg of cholesterol, hence it is recommended to minimize its intake as much as possible.

  • Few other things include, Egg, Fish, French fries, cheese macaroni, etc.

More or less, it suggested to restrict the consumption of fried meat or containing fats to keep high cholesterol at bay.

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