Reasons why Dogs are the Best Emotional Support Animals

Reasons why Dogs are the Best Emotional Support Animals

Dogs are indisputably your best pals, and when it comes to unconditional love, there’s no evaluation! These intelligent creatures possess friendly behavior that could bump-up your mood, and thus; they serve as the greatest emotional support animal.

A dog would certainly do anything that would please their owners, and undoubtedly, their loyalty can’t be challenged. You can expect a warm welcome from your four-legged buddy who is fervently waiting to cuddle you each time you land home.

Ever imagined why these innocent souls are preferred for treating patients with certain mental issues? Well, continue reading this post to know more about these fluffy creatures, and their role in treating several psychological issues.

They are Always trying to Gratify You

It won’t be wrong if we say that dogs are always finding new ways to please their owners in the hilarious ways. One may notice their pooch doing weird stuff like wagging their tail in different manners, lying on their back, rubbing their body with your legs, and so on.

No one knows the reason behind these silly activities that they often witness, and assume it an abnormal behavior. Well, your beloved dog is trying best to please you and to cheer up your mood. This is the reason why psychiatrists recommend petting a dog for the patients suffering mental illness.

They are Loyal

As an emotional support animal, a dog’s loyalty is something that makes them the ideal choice. You can expect unconditional love and affection from these creatures that are too loyal to leave you. One can always find their dog beside them in every situation. Unlike humans, your dog won’t break your heart or disappoint you rather just shower love.

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Reasons why Dogs are the Best Emotional Support Animals dog on bed

Sometimes you need someone who makes you realize that you are special and deserve adequate love and affection, and undeniably, a dog has these qualities. All you need is to find a renowned agency offering ESA letter. Some renowned agencies like CertaPet provides ESA letter service without any hassle. It is necessarily crucial to get the ESA letter before you pet an emotional support animal.

They make You Friendly

You can always start a conversation with people who adore dogs while you are taking your darling dog for a walk. People love to pet dogs, and you would notice that it is perhaps the perfect way to get social that eventually soothes your mind.

According to the researchers, the biggest reason for depression and similar mental issues is the lack of socialism. When people see you walking with a pup, they won’t be able to resist themselves to pet your dog, and eventually, start a healthy conversation.

Apart from this, your dog would certainly demand regular walks and play in the park, which is again a great way to augment your social skills. You would be surrounded by people and children who love pets that would cheer up your mood.


Petting a dog not only augments your mental fitness but also improves your physical health. This is the reason why several people consider a dog as an emotional support animal.

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