Vaping in Style: 5 of the Best Vape Mods on the Market

Vaping in Style: 5 of the Best Vape Mods on the Market

Vaping is a mainstream activity at this point. You can see it everywhere, whilst smoking is on the decline many former smokers have made the switch to vaping. Thankfully this is great news for all of us, as passive smoke is much less of an issue these days.

There are many reasons for people to switch from smoking to vaping, and there are also those who never smoked yet still vape. With this increased popularity and technological advances, there are a lot of modifications available for vapes. So many in fact, that it can be hard to decide which mod or kit would be best for you.

We’re taking a look at our top 5 mod kits for you with a quick explanation. Enjoy!

  1. Smok Alien 220W

The Smok Alien (pronounced ‘smoke’) is considered a top end box mod. It has three different power outputs to go through and is great for the kind of vaper who loves to produce a massive, dense cloud. There’s a large LED screen which gives loads of different statistics, settings and feedback. Price is very modest as well!

  1. Kanger Nebox Kit

The Kanger Nebox is an incredible little kit. It has a massive tank capacity of 10ml, and the coil is removable and changeable. There is temperature control and the possibility to adjust power for your preferred tastes. The all in one design is hugely convenient for mobile users, and the tank size adds to this as well. It’s also widely available from many reputable vendors, such as

  1. Joyetech Evic-VT Mini Kit
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The Evic mini kit is a favorite of many vapers already. It comes in multiple colors and comes decked out with a lot of extras. Designed to look great, this vape also has adjustable power outputs and temperature control. The OLED screen gives you a convenient readout to monitor the process with. Battery life is good with this one too, and it can be used with pretty much any atomizer, having bypass mode to get vaping faster if desired. You will also want to look into battery saving options with e-smoking in general in order to save money and save your time from having to change out the batteries every so often!

  1. Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

Lost Vape’s DNA mod is known to be one of the best on the market for temperature control. The device allows temp control in 1 degree intervals, that’s total precision on a portable vape! Another important point to note is that the temp chip on these isn’t a cheap piece designed to be within 10-25 degrees of the temp, as some cheaper mods are. Instead the chip genuinely reads accuracy of the heat to within 1 degree at all times!

  1. Eleaf istick Basic

This is a basic device, as you would guess from the name, and has a cheap price too. It’s small yet packs a powerful battery, and is available in multiple color choices. The atomizer is included and fits in effortlessly, and makes this highly user friendly. Being a small device, the tank size is quite low too at 2ml, though that’s more than needed for some users.

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