3 Mind and Body Hacks for a More Productive Life

3 Mind and Body Hacks for a More Productive Life

We are used to hear about hackers all the time, as some of the IT specialists turn to scammers. Another field where we hear about hacks is life: there are many only magazines focused on lifehacks which can simplify your life and help you find shortcuts to help you become more productive.

Yet the latest productivity hack is not related to computers or daily tasks; instead, it is related to your brain. Brain hacks are becoming the latest rage in the world of highly successful men and women. Started in Silicon Valley, this new trend is called neurogenesis and it helps you enhance your brain and body, in order to become a true suprt-human. Here are some of the most poweful biohacks you can embrace right now.

Noontropics for your brain

The human brain is able to learn new information by linking it to information it already knows. The brain cells communicate between them via neurotransmitters, which are low voltage signals sent from one cell to another. There are substances which enhance these neurotransmitters, known as noontropics.  Also called smart drugs, noontropics support the brain’s natural power, enhancing the memory, motivation and performance. While noontropics were first used to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, studies revealed they can be used to enhance the cognitive performance. In other words, noontropics help you hack your brain in order to increase your focus, memory retention and sleep. The most common noontropic is coffee, but there are many more substances you can use to hack your brain in order to become more productive.

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Support the growth of brain cells

Another way to hack your brain is to take brain cell growth enhancers. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, BDNF, is a protein which promotes the growth of brain cells, as well as the development of the connections between the cells.

Your body can produce BDNF on its own, so all you need to hack your brain using this substance is exercise. When you exercise the body’s production of BDNF is increased, leading to the development of new brain cells. However, growing more brain cells is not enough; you also need to strengthen them by using your brain more. Read more books and play chess or listen to audiobooks while exercising to use your new brain cells.

Learning hack

Reading is one of the most useful brain hacks one can use to improve their brain power. The more books you read, the better your brain will work. Most of us stop learning when we finish our formal education, but this is limiting our brain power. Read as many books as possible in order to use your brain cells and help your brain develop new connections which can promote a better memory.

Using noontropics and exercising your body can enhance your brain power, helping you focus better, remember things easier and even learn faster. As your cognitive performance is going to improve your productivity will also increase, allowing you to perform better at work and at home.

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