Best Ways to Purify Water to Make It Safe for Drinking

Best Ways to Purify Water to Make It Safe for Drinking

Have you ever wondered about the processes that water goes through to make it look the way it usually does before you drink it? Cleaning water to make it safe for drinking requires a lot of processes, not just using Aquaox Filters. In fact, filtering is a part of it. Water has to be routinely filtered and probably subjected to some heat to make it safe for you. Just the way you cannot afford to skip the purification part of your water, you cannot fail to know the types of water purification methods.

 A situation may demand your attention to purify your water, so it’s good to get an idea of how to go about it. Some of these purification methods include:

Physical filtration

This option is so much applicable to outdoor situations that require you to clean water before taking it, for instance, camping. Physical filters are very much affordable, though not convenient because of their slow and tedious characteristics. In most cases, the material filter is a kind of bag that has a filter in which you pour your unclean water and let it drain in another bag or container.

Iodine treatment for chemical disinfection 

This type of water purification involves the use of chemical substances such as tablets to get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms present in water. The two tablets that are commonly used include iodine tablets and chlorine dioxide tablets, which are put in water for at least 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness. For the iodine tablets, they are sometimes sold together with another pill which helps to get rid of the iodine taste of the filtered water.

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Boiling the water

This kind of water purification saves you from going through the hassle of filtering your water to remove some of the impurities. Boiling water is very useful in destroying a more significant percentage of the pathogens in the water, making it safe for drinking. As much as the method is very convenient, understand that you have to boil your water to a certain degree that cannot accommodate the survival of the pathogens present.

Application of UV light treatment

This method is used mostly when the amount of water that you want to purify at home is little, let’s say in a glass. Applying UV light to clear water for an extended period would help to kill the bacteria and viruses that are present in the water.

It is also used for commercial purposes at a significantly short wavelength to get rid of or inactivate microorganisms. Water purified using this method is considered the healthiest and safest, as long as it is not exposed to visible light immediately after purification to avoid reactivating deactivated microbes.


This is a simple method of water purification, especially in cases of emergency. The bleach used, which contains chlorine, is poured into the water to destroy any microorganisms that are present in the water swiftly. Now, because this is a heavy-duty oxidant, ensure that you check the expiry date before using it and avoid the perfumed or dyed kinds.

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