4 Racket Sports: Which Sport Is Yours?

4 Racket Sports: Which Sport Is Yours?

There are four main types of racket sports – ping pong, badminton, tennis and squash! Which is your favorite game?

Those who love racket sports spend time in learning, playing or enjoying every game. Some people love to play themselves while others enjoy the game being played. Whenever there is a tennis championship we find people glued to the television sets cheering for their favorite players and the game.

If we ask the question which is your favorite sport – it is often a difficult question to answer. You might find it tough to choose one because each sport is equally enjoyed by all. However, Ping Pong continues to be my favorite, as I have grown up playing the game. There are some very exciting facts associated with these racket sports – here are some of these facts, which might interest you as well. Enjoy reading!

4 Racket Sports: Which Sport Is Yours? rackets


It is known that Badminton is the 2nd most popular sports of the world. When Badminton was first played in Olympics in the year 1992, more than 1.1 billion people are known to have watched the game all over the world.

It is known that one badminton match had lasted just for six minutes. The longest match was played for around 124 minutes.

Do you know that shuttles are usually made from the wings of a goose? Each one weighs around 4.74 grams.

Did you know that the strings of the racquets are usually made from stomach lining of cat? However, this is no longer in use now.

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Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of those games which can be enjoyed by everyone. It is well known that Chinese players have dominated the game and are top in world rankings. However, the best ping pong player is from Europe – Jan Ove Waldner. In his long 30 year old professional career, he won 16 World Championships and many more medals. He is known as Mozart Of Table Tennis.

If you often feel bored, depressed or sad, you need to try the game of Ping Pong. It is known to be a brain game. It has many positive effects on the brain. It is known to help in long term memory, helps in improved thinking and planning.

No time for the gym? Try Ping Pong. Yes, this game is known to help in burning the extra calories as well. Those who do not like to sweat it out in the gym or do not get the motivation to walk on the treadmill daily, should play ping pong at least thrice a week. The results will be amazing. You do not have to let people know that it’s your way to stay fit. Let others sweat it out in the gym while you have fun playing the game.

Ping Pong is not just for your physical fitness, it can actually help in improving your mental alertness. Play the game regularly and you will notice the improvement in your mental ability, memory and concentration powers. The game has amazing healthy benefits for your body. Stay happy and healthy as you play the game.

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If you haven’t yet tried out the sport – play the game for a week and you will notice the difference it brings in your life.


The world enjoys Tennis Championships! We stayed glued to the television sets whenever there is a championship going on. There are many interesting facts related to the sport. You must have heard the term ‘LOVE’ used during the game. Do you know why the word is used or what is its origin story? Well, the French word for an egg is l’oeuf since the zero on the scoreboard is quite like an egg. Hence, it was known as love. Another interesting fact is that if during the game, the ball hits the body of the player or the clothing, it is actually a point of the opponent, even in case if it would go out.


This is also an interesting game played and enjoyed all around the world. It is a great fitness game and can be played by two people or singly. If you are looking for a way to get into a fitness routine, start the game of squash.

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