Failing To Reach Your Fitness Goals? Here’s Why…

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Setting goals for yourself is great in all aspects of life. It’s good to set professional goals, so you have something to work towards every day, and it’s vital you set fitness goals too. With fitness goals, you have things you wish to achieve, which helps motivate you at all times. If you ever want to see results, then you need to set goals in the beginning.

Having said that, there are loads of people out there who just can’t seem to reach their fitness goals. They keep going to the gym, they exercise all the time, but the results just aren’t there. It can be demoralizing, and a lot of people quit the fitness scene because they aren’t making any progress towards their goals.

Why are you failing to reach these goals? The majority of the time, it’s down to one of these reasons:

Your Workouts Are Unorganized

It will amaze you how much of a difference the structure of your workouts make to your overall fitness ambitions. A lot of people assume they can just walk into a gym, do a few sets of random exercises, and walk out. There’s no organization to your workouts here, you could be doing a set of bicep curls followed by a set on the leg press machine, then some pull-ups. You’re not really training anything here, you’re just moving weights around for the sake of it.

As such, the solution to your problem is to add some more organization to your workouts. There are so many ways you can do this, but the best is to download and follow a plan of sorts. My advice is to look for a plan that’s designed for someone like you. As you can see on, there are workout plans designed for moms and women going through pregnancy. Then, you have websites that provide fitness plans for people looking to become more athletic. As well as this, you also have loads of programs and plans designed for bodybuilders. Think about yourself, what your aims are, and the type of person you are, and then follow a plan to organize your workouts. You’ll start training properly, and see results quicker.

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You’re Doing Things Wrong

Another really common reason you’re failing to reach your fitness goals is that you’re doing all the exercises wrong. This is something you see so much when people first start working out. Their form is all wrong, and it might still create results at first, but eventually, you’ll hit a wall and fail to reach your goals.

The way you solve this is similar to the way you solve the first issue. By following a plan, you might have videos that you can watch. They’ll show you how to do certain exercises, ensuring you don’t do them incorrectly. Alternatively, you can hire a personal trainer to teach exercises to you in person. If you’re worried this might be expensive, then you can just hire them for a couple of sessions until you’ve mastered the basic exercises. Poor form leads to poor results. So, if you want to reach your goals, you have to learn how to do things properly!

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Your Nutrition Is Below Par

Now, this is easily the most common reason you’re not reaching your fitness goals. Exercising is only a small part of attaining your goals and getting fit. You also need to have a good nutrition plan alongside this. If you eat like a pig, then no amount of work in the gym will help you see positive results. Well, you might see some results, but you always fall short of your goals.

As you can imagine, the answer to this problem is simple; eat better. Follow a nutrition plan and learn what foods are good and bad for you. It’s really not rocket science, sites like have great resources to help you improve your nutrition. Eat well, and complement your diet with regular exercise, and this will lead to goals being achieved.

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You’re Overtraining

That’s right, there’s such a thing as doing too much training – or, overtraining. This is so common in a lot of people who really want to reach certain goals. As a consequence, they’re in the gym for hours a day, every day. They don’t give their body a chance to rest, which ultimately becomes their downfall. You see, our bodies need rest for the muscles to repair and grow back bigger, stronger, and firmer. If you’re constantly training and doing too much, you leave no time for your body to improve. Not only that, but you could push your body too far and end up injuring yourself.

I’ve attached a video that explains the dangers of overtraining a lot better than I ever could. Feel free to watch it if you want to learn more information about this. All I’ll say is that you should always ensure you have rest days to break up your training routine. Two days a week minimum is a good idea, this helps your body recover, and makes it easier to achieve your goals. Secondly, don’t train for too long in the gym. There’s simply no need to be in there for more than an hour – and that includes warming up and stretching afterwards! Actually, let me be more specific; there’s no need to spend more than an hour training the same thing. If you’re on leg day, then don’t train legs for two hours – but you can have a leg session and then spend time working on abs or doing mobility training afterwards.

Any of you out there that have reached a plateau in your training, and can’t quite get to your goals, will probably be guilty of one of these things. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say most people are guilty of a poor diet and overtraining. Beginners are the most guilty of the first two things, but they’re all bad for you if you want to reach your fitness goals. So, use the advice in this piece to help you break through the wall and finally reach the goals you’ve been aiming for.

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