Usage of Synthetic Urine – Some Important Factors You Should Know!

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In fact, from ancient times onwards, human urine was known to have several medicinal impacts, and many use it as an alternative medicine to treat various ailments. However, the concept of using human excretion was not acceptable to all. Synthetic urine now refers to a synthetic substance which contains water and many organic and inorganic components to replicate actual human urine, which is now used for laboratory purposes and more. The major components in synthetic urine are urea, chlorides, phosphates, sulfates, uric acid, and creatinine.

Advantages over natural urine

As discussed above, this mixture is now used mostly for laboratory tests, but slowly expanding its spectrum of usage in various other areas too. With subsequent corrections, it is almost the accurate simulation of natural urine by meeting all default chemical properties. However, without the presence of waste as in case of natural urine, synthetic urine does not have the infectious risks and sanitation. Unlike natural human urine, synthetic urine also has an increases shelf life that, which makes it easier to store and transport.

Purposes served

Synthetic urine now serves various basic purposes by replacing the need for human urine as below.

  • Calibrating the testing tools

Synthetic urine is now widely used to calibrate the urine testing equipment. In fact, actual human urine is not ideal for the calibration purpose as it will vary in composition from case to case and the results may be affected due to various factors. Synthetic urine is made with a constant formula, which is crucial for a consistent urinalysis to be set as a baseline.

  • Research purposes
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Synthetic urine is highly helpful in developing new methods of urinalysis and tests. One field in which it has a significant advantage is the outer space mission. Scientists now use artificial urine in various types of developmental studies.

  • Train medical students

Medical students need to use urine to conduct various clinical experiments and studies as a part of the training program. Synthetic urine is now widely used for this purpose, and clinical research laboratories also rely on artificial urine to conduct tests and experiments.

  • As alternative medicine

Synthetic urine is not recommended for ingestion. As human urine is used in alternative medicine for various cosmetic products of external application, it can be replaced efficiently with synthetic urine which has the same chemical composition.

  • Cleaning product and diaper testing

Synthetic urine is also now widely used by the diaper industry for their product testing and QA processes. Manufacturer labs usually use this product now to test and calibrate their products. The marketers and sales associates of the cleaning products also now use artificial urine to demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleaning agents.

  • Games, pranks, and movies

For those who play pranks and games, synthetic urine is ideal to try out. In many television shows, you can see it being used to wet the clothes and beds. As this is not actual human urine, it is much less offensive to use it for pranks. It is used in movies also to create a natural effect.

We have discussed a few significant uses of synthetic urine as above, and the usage for the same is increasing day by day.

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