4 Diets that Actually Work

4 Diets that Actually Work man

There are a lot of popular diets out there. So I thought I give you a short list of dieting regimen that are scientifically sound and actually work.

Calculating your weight is determined by the balance between the calories you consume and the calories you burn.

Changing the way you eat or increasing your activity level, can easily alter your total body mass towards weight gain or loss.

So, what are the best diets that can actually help improve or trigger weight loss?

Without further ado, here are 4 diet regimens that actually proven for losing weight.

Buddha’s Diet

Did you ever remember the last time you actually focused on the food you were eating?

Think about it! Probably you are talking to someone, watching television or maybe even driving.

Most experts agree that the common reason why we overeat and gain weight is because we are distracted by other things while eating.

A discipline from Buddhist monks called “Mindful Eating“, is emerging in the US and other countries as a way of practice of better eating habits.

Mindful eating is an approach for re-establishing your connection with foods, which has many aspects to it.

But the basic and most important principle is to slow down while eating using all your senses and appreciate what you are eating.

One-Week Diet

Many studies have shown that water weight is one significant reason why people are either overweight or obese. And you are probably retaining at least 4 pounds of excess water in your body, and that is almost 2 kilos of unwanted weight!

So it is quite important to get rid of that excess water in your body fast. How to do it? Well, you can effectively lessen your water weight in just 7 days of simple dieting routine.

The easiest way is to fight water with water!

Experts suggest that drinking at least 4 to 5 liters a day can help you lose about 4 pounds of water weight in just 3 to 4 days.

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But water is not just the only requirement if you want to lose weight in just a week.

You also need to remove those extra decomposing matter and feces that are stored inside your intestines out of your body.

Now this is not a simple task as your body can’t easily dispose these unwanted matters.

To get rid of your extra feces and other unwanted substances out of your system, you need to eat at least 1 and a half ounces of fiber foods a day. This include bananas, black beans, apples, papaya, oats and many others.

These foods will also boost your metabolism that will kick start your body’s fat burning abilities.

You can learn more about 1-week diet here.

Paleo Diet

Research shows that Paleo diet is one of the most effective lifestyles for fat loss and overall health.

It can even help prevent diseases that are overwhelming the Westernized population.

So what is Paleo diet really?

Dieting experts claims that this type of diet is not a seasonal or temporary diet program but rather a “lifetime way of eating”.

It mimics the diet of people during the “paleolithic era” which consists of beef, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fibrous vegetables and fruits.

This means that grains, candy bars, dairy, chips, the crackers, doughnuts, cakes, fries, all processed foods, ice creams and sugary drinks, are all out.

Staying in this diet for life is an effective way to lose weight, stay fit and healthy.

 It is designed to satisfy your genes, keeping you to stay lean, strong and energetic, making your body almost completely immune from chronic diseases!

Mediterranean Diet

Countries along the Mediterranean borders have great tasting and healthy food choices that makes heart diseases relatively at a low rate.

Mediterranean diet consists of fresh whole foods, tons of vegetables, legumes and fruits, lots of healthy oils, fish and seafoods, and poultry products such as eggs and dairy.

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You are also encouraged to eat less sugar especially red meats. Moderate consumption of red wine is a must, while following an active lifestyle.

Too much sugar consumption is proven to cause weight gain and triggers blood sugar level spike.

This diet is focused on whole nutritionally dense foods, a balanced yet moderate approach to various food groups, as well as a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

So, on the contrary, Mediterranean diet doesn’t support sedentary lifestyle, which is essential in any weight loss programs.

Mediterranean people love olive oil, which happens to be a big proponent of this diet. Olive oil is known to help lower bad cholesterol while maintaining healthy levels of good cholesterol.

According to experts, Mediterranean diet can help lower your risk of heart disease, cancers, diabetes, increases your life expectancy, and promotes natural and healthy weight loss.

This all means that Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diet regimens around.

It is also an ideal weight loss diet plan for you as it promotes fat burning, energy and metabolism increase, and supports appetite reduction.

4 Diets that Actually Work smoothieConclusion

There are dozens of diets that you can follow online. But these four particular diet plans are proven effective and safe, for your overall health needs. BONUS Tip: There is also a conclusions that the hcg diet works as well for many people. Check it out by visiting the link in the fore-mentioned text for your bonus diet tips of the day!


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