Losing Weight For Your Wedding – Choose Dancing

Losing Weight For Your Wedding - Choose Dancing

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We live in a stressful world. Couples are waiting until they are settled into their careers and homes before they get married. Sometimes, they even begin their family first. This is a way to ensure their relationships is matured and will withstand life.

The couple who is in this situation sometimes doesn’t realize that they have put on some weight since they were first together. While it doesn’t matter to them, the idea of having those extra pounds can be discouraging.  

Shed the weight together

As you begin your new life as a couple, you are going to have to face life’s challenges as a team. This is a good place to start. You may not be into the same sports or activities, but you need to find an activity that is fun, burns calories, and that you can do together. Dancing is a perfect choice.

Why dancing?

You are going to dance at the wedding. It is going to be in your wedding video. Everyone you love is going to see you glide across the floor, in each other’s arms. If you have never danced together, or if you dance together badly, now is the time to address that and have fun doing it.

Make it special. Set aside your dance class night as date night. Dress up for it. You can buy really great dance costumes from Alexandra Costumes that help you move comfortably and feel special.

A lot of couples enjoy their dance nights so much that they continue long after the wedding. What better way to share affection and stay fit.

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Plans for losing weight the smart way

Do not starve yourself. The weight you lose is not fat it is water. You can become dehydrated, and you will not look healthy. Also, when you begin eating and drinking again, the weight will return because you body needs the hydration.

Dehydration is dangerous. It can actually kill you. It makes your skin dry, your hair dry, and your eyes dull. You can lose the weight in natural ways and retain your glow and healthy look.

  • Eliminate sugar and fat from your diet
    • If you stop eating sugary foods which are empty calories, you have more room to eat meats, nuts, cheese, and other high-protein foods. They boost your metabolism and keep you full longer.
  • Drink water
    • We have already explained why you need to drink water, but let me add something that will make the concept more pleasant. When you drink cold water 15 minutes before your meal (drinking 8 ounces as quickly as possible) it constricts the stomach. This means it is easier to fill up, and it is already partially filled with zero-calorie water. This is a weapon you can use all day. You will be less hungry, and the pounds will come off.
  • Make it a group effort
    • This is a great activity for you and your soon to be spouse to share. But you can also include the other members of the bridal party. It is so much more fun to exercise as a group.

Start now, and you will both look fantastic on your special day.

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