Tips on Treating and Managing Pain

Tips on Treating and Managing Pain

Living with chronic pain is no fun at all; in fact, it can affect, debilitate, and even ruin a great part of your life as it goes beyond just feeling pain in a particular portion of your body at a particular time of the day.

Pain can certainly bring you to the lowest of low places and be nothing but a physical and also an emotional rollercoaster. With that said, there are pragmatic ways of dealing with pain. Want some ways to deal with and manage?

Here are my tips on treating and managing your ongoing pain:

1. Reduce Stress because Stress Makes it Worse

Want a sure-fire way to not only continue your chronic pain, but also make sure it is amplified and increased? Then stress out about it and find out! In fact, having bad feelings such as depression, anger, and anxiety can actually increase the body’s pain levels and make it worse. If you want to reduce stress and learn how to relax, practice techniques such as listening to music that is relaxing and uplifting (classical music, anyone?) and find a way to meditate so you can create relaxing imagery in your mind. Believe it or not, these techniques might just help you out ever so slightly. Check out this quick video on dealing with back pain when coughing or sneezing from Dr. Fryer that is brought to you by Vive Health:

2. Exercise to Boost Endorphins

Looking to get rid of pain by resting up? Well, despite the fact that rest helps the body repair, it is quite the opposite in regards to boosting endorphins and getting the blood flowing. Exercise increases endorphins to the brain and improve your mood while at the same time taking signals of pain from the brain and attempting to block them out. In addition, exercise can shed body fact and improve heart health so that your blood flows better and the weight you carry around is less straining on sensitive areas such as the lower back. Take up some exercise to make pain begin to reside! Ian from quickdoctor said “its important to manage your pain effectively before it manages you. Don’t push yourself to exercise or put excess strain on your body until your properly fit and ready to do so.”

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3. Don’t Smoke or Drink!

Despite the fact that this one SHOULD go without saying, smoking and drinking do some pretty devastating things to the body. When dealing with chronic pain, drinking and smoking only help to INCREASE the problems you are going to have. Drinking can make it hard to get good sleep as well as increase inflamation in the body: the opposite of promoting good healing. Smoking can decrease blood circulation and worsen your heart health, which is the last thing your body needs when it is pumping anti-bodies throughout to try to fight the pain, swelling, or injury that is being caused. Lay off the smoking and drinking in general, but especially when you are dealing with pain!

4. Eat Right to Feel Right

Finally, if you want to lessen pain and promote healing sooner in the body, you might as well take up healthy eating habits. Having a diet that is calorically balanced and also balanced in regard to providing the right amount of macronutrients can help with digestion, heart health, weight loss, blood sugar balanced, and so much more! In addition, focusing on fruits, vegetables, fibrous carbs, lean meats, and yogurt can promote the body’s natural response to swelling, pain, and healing. If you eat right, all the more chances your body has to make itself right: including working on getting rid of your wretched pain!


Those are my tips on how to treat and also manage your chronic pain. Although living completely pain-free may not be an available option for you at the moment, doing your best to reduce and be the best version of you that you can be will certainly contribute to leading a life that is as prohibitive to pain as possible.

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Don’t agree with me? Want to add more? Just want a shoutout? Leave some comments below and let’s discuss how you treat, live with, and lessen your pain symptoms throughout the day. Begin! 🙂

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