Step To It! Getting The Most From Your Fitbit

Step To It! Getting The Most From Your Fitbit


As a fitness fanatic, you’ll have probably already got yourself a Fitbit. If not, I’m sure you’ll have considered getting one. And I can’t recommend enough how useful these tiny fitness devices are. They can help you keep track of your daily steps, workouts, and calorie intake, and some also give you the option to track your sleep patterns. All in all, they are a great way of getting an overview of your overall level of fitness.

Once you’ve got your Fitbit, you will be super eager to get it on and start tracking! But, in order to to get the most from this tiny device, you need to follow these useful tips so that you get the most out of it.

Step To It! Getting The Most From Your Fitbit wristband


Get The Right One For You

There are a few different types of Fitbit on the market right now, and getting the best one for your needs is key. Some of the cheaper models will only track limited data, such as steps and heart rate. If you invest in one of the more expensive types of Fitbit, though, it can also track your calorie and water intake as well as sleep patterns. But which Fitbit you go for will probably depend on your usual type of exercise. For example, runners are better off going with a Fitbit that has GPS in it so that they can track their runs in greater detail.

Download The Fitbit App

You’ll find that your Fitbit can help you stay healthy and focused but if you use it on its own, it can only help you go so far. Ideally, you should download the Fitbit app onto your smartphone so that you can unlock the device’s true potential. Once you have the app you can compare your heart rate and fitness level with other people your own age. Plus, it gives you the chance to input everything you eat and drink during the day so that you can keep an eye on your calorie and water intake.

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Step To It! Getting The Most From Your Fitbit charge


Make Sure It’s On Correctly

Do you know if you are wearing your Fitbit correctly? If you aren’t, it might not be recording the right heart rate for you, and this could mess up most of the data that it records and tracks. During the day, your Fitbit needs to be slightly loose so that it can comfortably move with your clothes if needed. During a workout, it should be ever so slightly tighter and about an inch away from your wrist bone. Make sure that it is always in contact with your skin. Otherwise, it won’t be able to pick up your pulse.

Step To It! Getting The Most From Your Fitbit tying shoe laces


Leave It On At Night

It’s a good idea to leave your Fitbit on at night. Having something on your wrist while in bed might feel strange at first, but you will get used to it after just a few nights. This is necessary if you have a Fitbit that tracks sleep cycles. When you wake in the morning and check the app, it will tell you how much light sleep, deep sleep, and REM you had through the night. But it’s also important to wear the Fitbit through the night even if you don’t sleep. That’s because it will be continually tracking your heart rate and will be able to calculate better averages of your resting heart rate and overall fitness levels.

Understand Heart Rates

Throughout the day, depending on the activities you are carrying out, your heart rate will change and might enter different zones. Understanding these zones can help you set yourself workouts that improve your fitness without taking too much out of your body. The fat burn level often occurs when you are doing low-intensity activities, including climbing the stairs or just walking to the shops. You will be burning calories in this zone, but not as many as in the next two zones. The cardio zone is what you should aim for in most workouts. Being in this zone helps you increase your body’s cardiovascular fitness. When you are in the peak zone, you are working at your limit. This is good for giving your anaerobic exercise a boost, which can over time improve your fitness levels. Making sure your workouts get your heart rate to these three zones is crucial.

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Fitbits have completely revolutionized the fitness world, and it is super easy to see why that is. They come highly recommended and can help you work out to your true potential. Just make sure that you are using your Fitbit to its true potential too!

It’s essential to stay informed about the device’s capabilities, including aspects like Fitbit HRV accuracy, to maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of your fitness tracking.

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