The Best Exercise Accessories You Need Right Now

The Best Exercise Accessories You Need Right Now

Exercise can be made so much better, more fun and more efficient with the right kit! If you bought some running trainers and think that’s all you need, you’re missing out on a whole world of exercise tech that could improve your performance and your experience exponentially. Allow us to introduce you to the best exercise accessories and gadgets on the market that you need to try. If you fancy using a smart fitness tracker, you could also look at customization options from stores like Mobile Mob, for example.

Smart Fitness Tracker

Join in the number 1 exercise trend of the moment and get yourself a smart fitness tracker. Wearable tech like watches by Fitbit monitor your steps, pulse rate and even your running course, and allow you to track how effective your workout has been compared to your previous efforts. There are even some waterproof options that you can wear while swimming. Some enable you to upload your progress to your social media pages and link up your data with others to see how you compare to everyone else.

There are separate trackers for gym-goers: the Gymwatch is an armband that is worn while you’re using gym equipment or weights that tells you how you’re doing and can detect if you aren’t doing an exercise correctly. These wearable gadgets are really useful if you’re interested in constantly improving your performance.

Running Belts

To keep your hands free while you run, jog or powerwalk, you’ll need a belt to keep all your belongings secure. Running belts come with pockets and clips to hold your water bottle, MP3 player and other items so you’re free to concentrate on your exercise. They’re tried and tested so that they don’t rub or bounce around uncomfortably. Another useful feature is reflective or neon strips to keep you visible on your night runs. Check this handy guide to find the best running belt for you.

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Alternatively, you can get arm band styles to hold your phone or MP3 player if you don’t like holding your items around your waist.

Fitness Apps for Your Smartphone

If you’d rather not shell out money for an expensive wearable fitness tracker, you can download a fitness tracker app for your phone. Apps like Strava will use GPS to track your running route and time, so you can save your favorite routes to remember them later, and keep a note of your best times to set new goals. There are separate apps for running, cycling and other sports to get the most accurate data.

In-Ear Wireless Earphones

Specialized music accessories are necessary to stop those pesky Apple earphones from always falling out while you run – which is both annoying and could trip you up. Get some wireless headphones enabled with Bluetooth to sync up to your music device and eliminate this problem, with the added benefit of having no wires flapping around to get tangled up in. Choose an in-ear design for less risk of earphones falling off.

Sports Cameras

If you’re into extreme sports like skiing, BMXing, skating and more, a wearable camera to record your best tricks is an amazing tool. Capture all your achievements on film to edit later and upload to YouTube or your personal promo pages, and gather an online following. People love watching extreme sport videos, especially from the eye-view of the athlete. Tech like this could take your sport from a hobby to a career!

Navigation Tools

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There are now gadgets that are basically ‘smart maps’, or small satnavs, which show your location on-screen and how to get to your destination. Never cycle off-track with a cycle computer, like ones from Garmin.

They are weatherproof and durable for cycling in all conditions, and made of sturdy material to protect against bumps and rocks kicking up. Keep track of your distance, speed, ‘pedal power’ and elevation with this gadget. They can connect to the internet and show your progress on leaderboards, or you can sync it to your phone to play music and take calls.

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