Body Goals: Run Your Way To Success

Body Goals: Run Your Way To Success


If you’re into your sports, then you must already know the amazing benefits that running has to offer you. But it’s one thing to run around your block when you’re feeling motivated, and a whole other thing to train like a runner and set yourself goals to achieve every month. This mindset is a very disciplined one, and it’s not an easy lifestyle to pick up – but once you start, you’ll be hooked.

So if you want the body of an athlete and the mind of a winner, here’s how.

Look The Part

First, you need to look like a runner. This means getting all the appropriate gear that you will need to not only look good, but to give you free range of movement and the right protection.

Let’s start from the head down. You have probably seen runners that wear a band around their heads. Well this isn’t the latest fashion trend, this is what absorbs the sweat from your head so it doesn’t drip down onto your face and cause distraction. You can find the best sweatbands on

Next is the right clothing. When running, you will want something that allows you to run around without obstructing your movement. Clothes made out of synthetic fibers are best. Then it just depends on the weather, but shorts and a tank top are usually the outfit of choice.

Now for the footwear – the most important thing to get right. You will need to invest in some top quality running trainers that not only support your feet, but protect them too. Bare in mind that running is essentially hitting concrete or cement with force, so if you do this in ordinary footwear, you’re much more likely to cause yourself an injury.

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Feel The Part

Now you have the gear; it’s time to feel like a runner. This all comes down to your training. If you’re a beginner you’ll want to start off at a slow and steady pace; otherwise your body will get worked up too quickly, and then you won’t be able to do anymore because you’ll be exhausted. You can find out more about this on After about a week or two, you can gradually pick up the pace. That can mean one of two things – either extend your running time by an additional 15 minutes (or more), or increase your speed.

It’s important to remember your diet too, because that plays a big role in how hard you can push yourself. If you’re running on empty, you won’t have any energy which is a total waste of time even trying. Plus you’ll be putting your body at serious risk doing that. So about two hours before you go for a run, try eating some oatmeal and banana. This will pack your body full of the nutrients it needs, and gives it time to work its way into your system. While running, be sure to have a bottle of water with you to keep topping yourself up. And after your run, make yourself a smoothie full of the best fruit and veggies, along with an oat bar that contains plenty of nuts.

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