Running on Empty

Running on Empty

6 Ways to Improve Your Performance While Running

The health benefits from running are well-documented. Physical health, mental acuity and emotional stability are all impacted by a regular schedule of physical exercise. Unfortunately, maintaining an exercise schedule can be difficult.

It’s not just scheduling that gets in the way of having a good workout session. Physical irritants and mental unpreparedness can create negative feedback even before you start your exercise routine.

Staying the course

One of the most difficult part of exercise is starting it. When you begin a regimen, your mind is excited and your body is looking forward to it, but as it becomes routine, your mind is no longer focused on the benefits and it becomes harder to begin each session.

If you continue to push while distracted, you can do physical harm to your body. It may not be severe but it will discourage your body from continuing. Muscle memory will only account for so much, the mind and body must work together to keep your workouts interesting and your body wanting to be challenged.

Little tips for big results

Maintaining your focus means minimizing these irritants and preparing your body for the task at hand. Your health is worth a little bit of prep work.

  1.       Use an odometer. But don’t rely too heavily on it. When it comes to running, you want to improve constantly. Progress isn’t measured just by the distance you run but also by the amount of time it takes.
  2.       Plan your improvements. Working toward your expected goal should be planned. If you are trying to get in shape for a marathon, develop a plan that will get you to your goals in a realistic and healthy way. Going from running ten kilometers a day to running almost 40 should be done slowly and carefully.
  3.       Constantly correct your technique. Everyone has habits that can be improved on. There is no such thing as a perfect runner or perfect run. Small tweaks in your technique, practiced until they become habits can have an enormous impact on your progress.
  4.       Work on endurance and speed. Two different running styles that every runner will use. Working on both during the same session will acclimatize your body to the different demands that you will make on it.
  5.       Supply your own distractions. Counterintuitively, the best way to maintain your focus can involve creating a controlled distraction for your body and mind. Gum chewing, music or supplements can all provide small distractions that allow you to continue the workout without becoming bogged down in the physical or mental stress that accompanies it.
  6.       Keep your body healthy. Running is one part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating well, getting plenty of sleep and taking care of your body will keep running from being traumatic or dangerous.
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The goal is to make every session different so that your mind and body don’t feel like they are stuck in a rut. Making each run a little different will help you maintain an interest in your exercise plan without physically damaging your body.

Supplementing your regimen

The natural endorphins produced while running, or being involved in any form of exercise, can have a beneficial effect on your brain. Supplements can help boost brain power and when combined with the beneficial results from exercise can be more than the sum of their parts.

To boost brain power while running, research the following products:

  •         Fish Oil. Omega-3 oils help with nervous system functions, immune functions and are essential for healthy cell walls.
  •         Phosphatidylserine. This chemical has been proven to energize brain cells and is essential in removing toxins.
  •         Citociline. Supplements that include citociline are used to help users stay alert and focused. It increases RNA levels leading to improved memory.
  •         L-Theanine. This amino acid stimulates brain waves. It is found in tea leaves and improves your focus and retention.
  •         Rhodiola Rosea. This ingredient reduces stress while enhancing mental acuity. It is a commonly known as Golden root or rose root and is a flowering plant found in many temperate climes.

Being educated about the supplements that will give you the greatest benefits for your desired results can go a long way to making your exercise regimen easier and more rewarding. Corpina has an extensive section reviewing drugs and supplements for cognitive boosting on their website.

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