5 Workout Ideas with Your Loved One

Workout Ideas for couples and loved ones

So you’ve just finished reading an article about top electric transport gadgets in 2017. And now, you’re trying to debate whether or not it’s a reasonable request to be lazy and buy a hoverboard next week – even if it costs you an argument with your partner.

Sure it might be tempting to just ride a hoverboard everywhere (instead of burning calories by walking) and drive your loved one nuts.

But you don’t have to let your daily antics derail your plans to get fit this year. Research shows pairing up with a partner who challenges you makes you push yourself harder.

Even if you two are at different fitness levels and have different goals, there are plenty of reasons to give exercising together a try.

Spending quality time together, giving and receiving motivation and support, as well as deepening your bond are some of those reasons. Think of it as an investment in your relationship.

Take a Hike

Calories Burnt: A 90 kg person will roughly burn 550 calories on a 1-hour hike. The more a person weighs, the more calories they burn. So If you and your partner are carrying a weight of 19 kg on your backs, naturally you will benefit by burning more calories.

Workout Ideas take a hike with loved one

Clear your schedules this weekend and travel to a place just a few miles away from your city that can offer you outdoorsy activities like rock climbing or hiking.

There is no better way to bond with your spouse this Saturday and Sunday than by treating yourselves with a little outdoor adventure.

An hour of striding through level terrain will give you a steady and easy burn of 400 calories. In comparison, lumbering through a rangy and high altitude terrain will give you a calorie burn of more than 900 calories.

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Hiking tunes your cardiovascular system. It also strengthens your leg muscles and gives you heightened sense of pleasure for being connected with nature.

Hiking  provides an opportunity for you and your partner to be united ser with  nature. It is a fun and healthy way to reconnect with Mother while adding a milestone to your growing relationship.

Hit the Gym

Calories burnt: For a person weighing 70 kg, weight lifting will burn about 220 calories and a vigorous 30-minute cardio session will burn at least 390 calories.

Workout Ideas with loved ones hit the gym

A gym houses both the hardware and software for exercising. It will help both of you see sustainable results faster. It is the perfect place to gain knowledge, explore new perspectives and eventually develop a regime to achieve your fitness goals.

Having a goal to work toward in tandem with your significant other will be a fun, butt-kicking experience in the gym.

Walk it out

Calories burn: 100 calories per mile for an 80 kg person.

Workout Ideas with loved ones go running

Walking or jogging can get dreadfully boring when you’re alone but finding someone else to go with you will definitely spice things up. Getting your partner to jog or walk with you will keep both of your healths on track and help you clear your minds – just think: having a clear mind will lessen arguments and give room for positive affirmations.

Remember: spending time together is a critical component of a healthy relationship. So if date nights are hard to come by with your busy schedules, find time to go on a 30 minute walking or jogging date with your partner.

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A good walk on a regular basis can help reduce stress, increase energy and blood flow, and improve your love life. Go out and start walking together!

Swim Together

Calories burnt: A 60 kg person swimming freestyle for an hour will burn 590 calories swimming fast and roughly about 413 calories if swimming slower.

Workout Ideas with loved ones go swimming

Not only is water a great stress reliever, it brings out the playful child in all of us. Being submerged in water dulls out the amount of sensory information that engulfs our body. It increases your endurance capacity by increasing your capability to take in and efficiently use oxygen.

If both of you have just had a long day at the gym it may be a good idea to take a relaxing dip in the pool to ease your muscles. Or if you still have a good amount of energy left, you can try and race each other to see who can do more laps.

Couples Yoga

Calories burnt: A person weighing 80 kg will expend about 178 calories in 30 minutes.

Workout Ideas with loved ones couples yoga

When you merge your practice with another’s, you fall in sync with that person. You will find that your breath, body positions and movement will find a rhythm together. Couples yoga is so much more than a simple yoga practice.

It helps explore both of your love in a spiritual level. Yoga is an ancient exercise that will help you reconnect with each other in a deeper, more connected level, not just physically. It sharpens mental strength, fortifies unity, and builds trust.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and start working on your relationship and fitness today!

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