Fitness Motivation Tips To Move & Motivate The Unmotivated

Fitness Motivation Tips To Move & Motivate The Unmotivated

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We have all heard those (let’s be honest, slightly smug) people saying that they have been bitten by the ‘fitness bug’ and all it makes us wonder us, ‘when is that going to happen to me?’. Gruelling hours of putting our bodies through the paces, turn into weeks of wondering when this so called ‘fitness bug’ is going to show up and kick in so that we can start to feel this so called ‘natural high’ or ‘buzz’ that people keep talking to us about.

We totally understand your frustration and believe you, me, we’ve all been there. We are not always going to feel motivated and we are all going to experience times when we struggle to enjoy our fitness regimes. So for those challenging times, when it is cold and rainy and you are tired, put our top tips to use to ensure you stay motivated and don’t neglect your all important fitness goals.

Start Slowly

Throwing ourselves head first into some things is sometimes the best way to do it. But not when it comes to a new exercise regime. Starting slowly and building yourself up over time is the best way, tried and tested, when it comes to finding a fitness routine that suits you and that inspires you to stick to it. Burning yourself out in the first few weeks will mean that not only may you actually cause damage to your body, but as your body will not be used to that level or kind of exercise, you will absolutely loathe it, and will end up swearing yourself off it for life. So many people stop exercising because the push themselves too hard at the beginning and decide that exercise is just too painful and exhausting. So above all else, be mindful of building yourself up slowly but surely.

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Exercise When It Is The Last Thing You Want To Do

Let’s be honest, there is always an excuse that we can come up with, and usually there is always something that we can find that we would prefer to be doing. The best highs from a workout can come after those workouts where you had to push yourself even harder to get you there. That is because you can feel proud of yourself that you dragged yourself there against all the odds, and against your better judgement that your sofa and a takeaway was a more desirable option. You will never wish that you hadn’t worked out, so bear that in mind when making excuses for yourself in the future.

Mix It up & Keep It Varied

Exercise can feel like hard work for everyone when there is little variety. Doing the same sports and fitness activities week in and week out will leave even the most committed athletes dragging their heels to the gym. Therefore, think about how you can mix it up and create variation in order to keep it fresh and interesting. Think of integrating awesome high intensity interval training workouts with relaxing and mindful yoga classes with fun and sociable dance classes. Every little counts and keeping your fitness regime varied and interesting will mean you are much less likely to get bored and want to ditch your routine for a night in front of Netflix instead.

Get Your Kit On and The Rest Will Follow

For those times when you are really grappling with whether or not you feel like it, just do one very simple thing. Put your trainers on. Putting your sports kits on can have a strong influence on our mood and before we know it those trainer clad feet will be leading you out of the door and into an hour of something active and healthy. Also, your sports kit, will also work wonders in shutting out those sofa/netflix/take away temptation gremlins that we mentioned earlier.

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Treat Yourself

When we look the part, we feel the part. So if you are going through a chapter where your motivation is not quite up to par then get yourself down to your local sports shop and snap yourself up something sexy and stylish. Sports gear can be incredibly flattering and looking at ourselves looking trim and healthy is one of the best motivations out there to continue working towards our fitness goals. So where all else fails, treat yourself to a new pair of leggings or that lovely new vest you’ve had your eye on and get yourself out there, looking great and feeling fantastic.

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